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Get Help (or Give Help) this Christmas

Children's Help Lines: People You Can Talk To
Christmas Charities

Send Christmas Cards and Letters!

Get a Letter from Santa
Get help in sending your letter to Santa
Pet Letters to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
Send Christmas Cards
Read Christmas Letters to Santa Claus as Kids Write and Send Them to the North Pole!

WebCams, Trackers, Tweeters & Snoopers!

The Christmas Eve Santa Snooper!
Watch The Santa Tracker Again!
Check on how Santa is doing here!
Christmas Webcams Around the World
Where is Santa Claus? Use the Santa Tracker to Track Santa!
Follow Santa, Mrs Claus & the elves Tweets
Santa's North Pole Christmas webcam
Fun Things to Tweet on
Rudolph Video Live from the Nose Cam!
Santa Tracks the Easter Bunny

Christmas Stories, Songs, Carols, Words, Music Videos!

The Elves Read "The Night Before Christmas"

See The Great Pictures In Santa's Christmas Photo Albums!

Santa Claus Christmas Pictures & Photo Home Page
Photos of the North Pole
Photos of Santa's North Pole Toy Workshop
Photos of Santa Claus's Castle
Reindeer Barn Photographs
Photos of the GrinchyClaus!
Christmas Parade Pictures

Santa's Naughty or Nice List

Check Santa's Naughty or Nice List
Santa's Nice List
Santa's Naughty List

A Toybag Full Of Other Great Things At!

Children's Help Lines: People You Can Talk To
North Pole Christmas Poll: Vote for which reindeer will guide Santa's sleigh Christmas Eve
Personally autographed photo of Santa Claus
Santa Claus' Christmas Advent Calendar
Santa's Email Reminder to Visit Next Christmas
Everything you need for a Merry Christmas!
The Merry Christmas Project - Holiday Joy from around the World

Count Down To Christmas At!

Santa's ★ Official ★ Count Down To Christmas Clock
Santa's ★ Official ★ Days to Christmas Countdown Clock
How many days until Christmas Eve?
How many Weekends until Christmas?
How many Mondays until Christmas?
How many Tuesdays until Christmas?
How many Wednesdays until Christmas?
How many Thursdays until Christmas?
How many Fridays until Christmas?
How many Saturdays until Christmas?
How many Sundays until Christmas?
How many days in a year?

Laugh At Silly Elf Jokes!

Christmas Jokes for Kids
Christmas Knock Knock Jokes
Elf Jokes for Kids
Frosty the Snowman Jokes for Kids
More Silly Christmas Jokes
Reindeer Jokes for Kids
Santa Claus Jokes for Kids

Play Christmas Games, Colouring Pages & Crafts

Santa Tracker Games
Christmas Party Games

Interactive Online Christmas Word Search Games (Word Finder)

Christmas Word Find Game
Santa's "Nice List" Word Find Game

Download & Print Christmas Word Search Games (Word Finder)

Play A Christmas Word Game of YuleSearch
All About Santa Claus
All About Santa's Reindeer
All Things Christmas Word Search Game
Christmas Music, Stories, Movies and TV Specials
Christmas Nativity Word Search Game
How To Say "Merry Christmas" Around The World Word Find Game
Mrs. Claus' Christmas Cooking
Names For Santa Claus Around The World Word Find Game

Make Your Christmas Colourful With These Pages To Color!

Christmas Coloring Pages, Crafts & Activities Home Page

Play Santa Claus' Christmas Trivia Games!

Christmas and Santa Claus Trivia Game
Christmas Trivia Game for Children and Big Kids
Christmas TV shows, Movie, Music, Songs and Stories Trivia Game
Play Rudolph's Christmas Trivia Quiz Game

All About Santa Claus! (Santa's FAQ)

All About Santa Claus!
How Old Is Santa Claus?
How Does Santa Get Around The World In One Night?
Where Is Santa?
Where Does Santa Live?
Is Santa Real?
How Old Is Mrs. Claus?
How Old Is Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer?
How Do Santa's Reindeer Fly?






Nedtælling til jul


Der Weihnachts-Countdown vom Weihnachtsmann


Πόσες μέρες για τα Χριστούγεννα
Η webcam του Άγιου Βασίλη


Beneficencia navideña
Escríbele una carta a Papá Noel
Reloj de Santa de la Cuenta Regresiva para Navidad
Sigue a Santa
Teléfonos de ayuda a niños
La Webcam de Papá Noel


emailSanta: Écris au Père Noël par courrier électronique
emailSanta: Combien de temps reste t il avant Noël
Webcam Père Noël
La politique de confidentialité
emailSanta: Des amis à l'écoute


conto alla rovescia per Natale
La Webcam di Babbo Natale in diretta dal Polo Nord!




산타 할아버지의 카운트다운 크리스마스 시계


Oficjalny Zegar Mikolaja Odliczajacy Czas Do Swiat


Quantos dias faltam para o Natal
Webcam do Papai Noel


Официальные часы Санты с обратным отчетом времени до Рождества!
graphic of a sprig of holly

Read Santa Claus' Christmas Blog!

Santa Claus' Christmas Blog

Christmas Blog Stories from 2019:

Baby Reindeer are coming!
Little Reindeer -- Santa needs more reindeer names!
Daddy Reindeer & Mommy Reindeer News!
Christmas Music House Lights make elves go BONKERS!
Dreaming of a White Christmas?
Christmas Bedtime Stories for children
Santa’s Other Reindeer
Baby Reindeer are coming!

Christmas Blog Stories from 2018:

The right gift for Mrs. Claus
Reindeer test flight time
Cookies for Santa
Funny Christmas Eve story
Christmas Traditions
NORAD tracking missing sleigh! Santa’s sleigh and reindeer are gone!
Christmas Quiz
Christmas Name Generator
Christmas Tree Decorating
Gift For Mom And Dad
Teddy Bear School – Teach your Teddy Bear a new trick!
Teddy Bear Training School – Today’s lesson from the elves!
Teddy Bear Training School – The elves started teddy bear training!
Message from Santa’s elves – What trouble will they get into this time?
Letter From Santa
Ninjabread Men – Santa’s secret army of Ginja’s.
Jingle bells – The elves are being naughty again!
Favorite Christmas movie
Home-made Fort Kit
Santa’s Nice List

Christmas Blog Stories from 2017:

Mistletoe — A Santa Claus poem all about the Mistletoe!
Gift Delivery, Christmas Eve Style – A Poem by Santa. Do You Like It?
Christmas elf Suzie is lost. Can she get back to the North Pole OK?
girl elf Suzie – a very lucky but very lost little elf! Will she be OK?
Santas reindeer are the best! Should Santa keep them?
Clumsy the elf gets slimed! Read the silly story here!
Stuck in a chimney! Who will save Santa? Can you?
Christmas activities made by elves! They’ve been busy!
NiNe Days till SaNta coMes! LEave oUt yoUr smelly SocKs!
Geocaching at the North Pole. What treasure would you find?
Santa’s elves get up to mischief. Read what they wrote here!
A Christmas Carol as told by Santa Claus. What do you think of it?
New Games for the North Pole Olympics! Come play with Santa’s elves!
Treasure hunt clues from the elves for a Claus! Click to giggle now!
Chocolate Santa – yummy & a funny story too! Click to read it!
Christmas Treasure Hunt – Santa needs your clues!
Toy bag time! It’s magic. It’s red. Santa’s toy bag is used to — clean rooms?
Christmas Scavenger Hunt – Can you help Santa with the clues?
Christmas Reindeer – a new idea! What do YOU think Santa should do?
No Christmas? How Can You Cheer Up Santa Claus?
Christmas carols and the all-Elf Christmas Choir! Read the noisy story!
A Reindeer On The Roof Is Lost! Would you help get it home?
Santa Claus Parade time! But can you answer Santa’s question?

Christmas Blog Stories from 2016:

Christmas cupcakes, it’s time for the Baker elves’ parade!
Elf names! Vote for Robo-elf’s new name!
Dancer the reindeer – Santa has great news!
Bake Christmas cookies with Clumsy the Elf
Santa stuck in a chimney – a true story!
Spicy cookies for Santa – I wonder what happened this time?
Santa painting – Santa’s newest hobby or a disaster?
Hiccups at the North Pole! Read the silly story!
Dancer – Santa’s reindeer doesn’t want to fly
Stinky Cookies – cookies may never smell the same!
Christmas hobbies R Santa (says Mrs. Claus!)
Tasty Christmas cookies — by Clumsy the Elf?
Blitzen had an accident playing reindeer games!
Wrapping paper machine meets Clumsy the Elf
Santa’s reindeer Dancer isn’t himself. I hope he’ll be ok.
How the toys are made – a poem by Santa
Robo-elf – Santa’s new elf robot needs a name!
Elf upon a shelf school – Read about this frozen lesson!
Thanksgiving Day at the North Pole — now with hoofball!
Thanksgiving pies at the North Pole! Yummy!
Practice Makes Perfect
Santa’s beard – A silly Clumsy the Elf story
November 11th – Why is it a special day?

Christmas Blog Stories from 2015:

Merry Christmas, 2015!
Christmas Eve 2015!
Santa’s Sleigh Is Ready For Christmas 2015!
Santa’s Christmas Wish for the World – 2015
North Pole Newsflash 2015: Santa Fit To Fly!
The Names For Those Crazy Christmas Kitties
A Christmas cupcake story
Short Elves in Tall Christmas Trees
The cat and Santa’s hat!
Crazy Kittens for Christmas!
Christmas sparkle and shine surprise!
Wigs and beards! Santa Claus’s Hairy Little Secret!
One Month to Christmas Eve!
Christmas In July

Christmas Blog Stories from 2014:

Merry Christmas 2014!
Christmas Eve 2014
Christmas is saved by a grumpy elf and his brave friends
Glaikit the awfy brave elf
Christmas at Disneyworld with a grumpy elf
Glaikit the awfy elf and Santa's Magic Key
Santa Claus doesn't live at the South Pole
A grumpy elf in Australia
Christmas camels, flying reindeer and magic keys
The SPS - Santa Positioning System & Santa's magic key
Flying reindeer are hard to catch
Wild reindeer & Santa's magic key
Elf troosers in Paris but no magic key for Santa
An email from an elf
A grumpy elf lost Santa's magic key!
Santa's sleigh is missing!
New reindeer at the North Pole for Santa
Gingerbread cookie where r u? Find it & be on the Nice List!
Santa Claus website contest! The elves hid something fun in the website!
Santa's Magic Key is Missing! I need that key for Christmas!
Christmas Hints: What is one month today?

Christmas Blog Stories from 2013:

Merry Christmas, 2013!
Christmas Eve 2013!
Christmas Market Clumsy Cuckoo!
Santa's Sleigh has a Pudding attack!
Red nose reindeer cats! Read a silly North Pole story now! :-)
North Pole Mice Are Twice As Nice! Hiccup & Hurkle
Christmas Helpers
Christmas Mice Are Nice!
Pudding the Christmas Cat
Christmas Cookies Reindeer Games!
A new Christmas Game: Reindeer snowball shinty!
Christmas Oranges & Funny Reindeer Faces
Candy Cane Limbo Skating Reindeer
Christmas chocolate belly flop!
Christmas Pudding Reindeer Rolling!
Christmas Countdown! 5 weeks to Christmas Eve!
How many days until Christmas?

Christmas Blog Stories from 2012:

Christmas Day 2012
2012 Christmas Eve
Santas Sleigh Is Ready For Christmas 2
Santas Christmas Wish For The World 2012
North Pole Newsflash 2012 Santa Fit To Fly
The Elves Christmas Concert
Mouse The Littlest Elf Is A Bit Afraid
Clumsy With A Hammer
A Trooser Less Test Flight
Northern Lights
Scunners Sleigh Surprise
Scunners New Job
Sticky Christmas Goo
The Christmas Olympic Star
Christmas Olympics Day 1 Event Trampoline Team
Christmas Olympics Day 2 Triple Trouble
Christmas Olympics Day 3 Elf Snow Putt
Christmas Olympics Day 4 Slam Dunk Mouse
Christmas Olympics Day 5 Reindeer Relay
Christmas Olympics Day 6 Volleyball Vixen
Christmas Olympics Day 7 Dancers Big Day
Christmas Olympics Day 8 Mixed Doubles
Christmas Olympics Day 9 Snow Rowing
Christmas Olympics Day 10 Elf Elf And Away
Christmas Olympics Day 11 Archery Ah Choo
Christmas Olympics Day 12 Marathon Cookies
Christmas Olympics Day 13 Reindeer Paddle
Christmas Olympics Day 14 Rudolph To The Rescue
The Mystery Is Solved
The Monster In Santas Workshop
Special Helper Scunner
Scunner And The Reindeer
Helping Scunner The Grumpy Elf
Is This The End Of Scunner
The New Santa Claus Webcam
Lest We Forget A Very Special Day
Scunners Tumshie
Scunners Halloween Party
Knickers And Knees Its Halloween
Happy Halloween 2011 Hallowistmas
Santas Halloween Idea
The Santa Claus Christmas Blog 2012

Christmas Blog Stories from 2011:

Happy New Years Eve
A Very Scunner New Year
Santas Sleigh Sparkles
Pj Party
After Christmas At The North Pole
Christmas Day 2011
Santa Claus Visit Christmas Eve 2011
Santas Christmas Wish For The World 2011
Santas Sleigh Is Ready For Christmas
North Pole Newsflash 2011 Santa Fit To Fly
Rudolphs Hiccups
Santas Drink Adventures
The Cold Santa Clause
Scunner Vs The Teddy Bear
Scunner The Elf
Clumsy Cocoa
Christmas Bonnet Contest
Reindeer Cant Drive
A Cleaning Claustastrophe
Flu Shots
Santas Socks
The Toy Tester
Twinkle Twinkle Little Comet
Great Big Wet Kisses
Great Flying Cookies
Fairy Lights
Santas Surprise Supper
Santa Claus Coats
Santas Red Hat
Today Was Reindeer Games Day
Santas Little Helpers
Reindeer Games Tinsel Tag
Reindeer Games Snowman Skittles
Reindeer Games Sled Pull
Reindeer Games The Log Push
Reindeer Games Dash Away
North Pole Thank You Day
I Think Someone Stuck A Candycane In My Blog
Santa Claus Christmas Blog 2011

Christmas Blog Stories from 2010:

Christmas Day 2010
Christmas Eve 2010
Santas Christmas Wish For The World 2010
Santas Sleigh Ready For Christmas
Santa Fit To Fly Christmas Eve 2010
Santa Claus Naughty Nice List
World Christmas Parade
North Pole Christmas Pageant
What Is Santa Claus Phone Number Address
Name Baby Christmas Elves
Christmas Squid Tubes Tentacles
Christmas Music Santa In The Sleigh
Silly Reindeers Christmas Songs
Christmas Decorations Parade
The Christmas Elves Skating Party
Elves Christmas Spirit
Santas Christmas Elf Podcast
Santa Trackers Needed
Littlest Christmas Elf Elves
Silly Christmas Knock Knock Jokes
North Pole Christmas Music Parade
Santas Little Reindeer Birthday Party
Elf Loses Tooth
Silly Christmas Elf Jokes Santas Reindeer
Untidy Christmas Elves
Clumsy Christmas Gingerbread Elf
Santa Cure Disease Stop War
Bye Bye Thunderstorms
Elf Breakfast North Pole
Veterans Day
Happy Halloween North Pole Style
Santa Claus Christmas Blog 2010

Christmas Blog Stories from 2009:

Christmas Elves Born Christmas Day
Merry Christmas Its Christmas Day
Christmas Eve Santas Big Flight
Santa Claus Sleigh Packed
Santa Christmas Wish For The World
Santa Fit To Fly 2009
Why Santa Claus Comes Down Chimney
Toymaker Elves Christmas Parade
Baby Elves Of Christmas
Silly Christmas Elf Jokes
Santas New Baby Christmas Elf
Rudolph Reindeer Christmas Message
Santa Claus Little Reindeer Names Games
Santa Naughty Nice List
Santas Reindeer Christmas Parade
Santas Little Reindeer Poem
Santa Eat Cookies Treats
Kissy Elf Christmas Tree
Zhu Zhu Pets Escape
Christmas Baking Parade
Christmas Parades Sports
A North Pole Thanksgiving Supper
Santas North Pole Rollercoaster
Christmas Eve Tonight
Santa Claus Christmas Blog 2009
Thanksgiving Christmas Story

Christmas Blog Stories from 2008:

Christmas Wrap For Santa Claus
Christmas Eve 2008
Boxing Day Christmas Elves
Christmas Day
Santa Claus Sleigh Packed Christmas Eve
Santa Claus Fit For Christmas Eve
Santa Claus World Christmas Wish
Is Santa Claus Real
Best Christmas Presents Mom Dad
Silly Christmas Music
Ten Sleeps Until Christmas Eve
World Christmas Saint Lucia Day
Christmas Songs Honky Christmas Goose
Circle Of Life Death
Saint Nicholas Day
Thanksgiving Christmas Elf
Santa Claus Reindeer Names Donder
Santa Claus Naughty And Nice List
How Old Is Santa Claus
Bullying Santas Naughty And Nice List
Santa Claus Christmas Parades
Remembrance Day
Santa Claus Christmas Blog
Santa Clause Santa Claus
North Pole Halloween Games
Halloween Crafts Pumpkins
Santa Claus Halloween Safety Tips
Christmas Elves Halloween Costumes
North Pole Halloween Trick Or Treating

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