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Santa Tracks
The Easter Bunny!

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The elves at know all about Trackers!
So the 🐇 Easter Bunny 🐇
asked Santa for a little help!

Ssh! It's a secret!
Santa's elves are helping out the Easter Bunny!

Bunny Trackers &Santa Snoopers

The Easter Bunny LOVES all that the elves do! (The elves also make sure the Easter Bunny gets a present from Santa every year.)

After all, there are many ways the elves track Santa Claus here at But did you know that Santa's elves track the Easter Bunny too?!

That's right! The Easter Bunny asked the elves to make a special Easter Bunny Tracker just for him.
There's a tracker for both The Santa Tracker. And on Christmas Eve, you can track Santa Claus and watch him deliver presents from his sleigh too!

Santa Tracks The Easter Bunny

Here's just some of what the elves have done for the Easter Bunny at!

Where is the Easter Bunny?

The elves made a special map that shows where the Easter Bunny is right now!  The elves joke that "EGGS" marks the spot on the map, but really, it's the Easter Bunny's ears that mark the spot!

Where is the Easter Bunny right now

How long till the Easter Bunny?

The elves love getting their chocolate eggs from the Easter Bunny! (They like to dunk them into their hot cocoa.) That's why they made the Countdown to the Easter Bunny!

The Easter Bunny Tracker

You know how good the elves are at snooping on Santa Claus Christmas Eve. They hopped at the chance to help the Easter Bunny with the Easter Bunny Tracker!  Now you can track every stop and hop of the Easter Bunny and his Easter basket!

Easter Bunny tracker trail

Easter Control Bunny Tweets

The Easter Bunny is very good at his job.  But everyone can always use a little help when they're delivering goodies around the world in one night!  That's why you can now watch Easter Control Tweets!

Just watch out for the Cheeky Easter Chicken! 🐣

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Get a reminder to come back to closer to Christmas! Instead of tracking the Easter Bunny, you can come on Christmas Eve Day to watch Santa & his reindeer LIVE on the Santa Snooper!