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I need help!
Kids' Helplines and Hotlines

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Is something making you sad?
There are friends you can talk to.
Call these Hot line and Helpline numbers for help!

He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake...  But he'll protect your privacy. It's a promise he's glad to make!(*grin*)

#1 Rudolph Way
North Pole, Canada

Everyone, even Santa Claus, has problems from time to time.  (You can imagine how difficult it is getting everything ready for Christmas Eve!)  And Santa Claus knows that when you face problems in your life it really helps when you can talk to someone, whether it's someone in your family or a good friend.

If you don't have someone you can talk to, then Santa *really* wants you to visit the website of one of the great organizations listed below or, better yet, call them right now!  Each one has wonderful people who are there for you to talk to.  (Think of them as elves in training!  HO!!  Ho!!  ho!!).


Santa Claus' signature graphic of a sprig of holly

Children's Help Lines You can call



Phone Number


Kids Help Line

1800 55 1800


Kinder en Jongeren Telefoon

0800 15 111





Ecoute Enfants



Kids Help Phone
Jeunesse, J'Γ©coute





Hong Kong

Youth Outreach






Youth Help Line



Telefono AzzurroRosa

030/226363 - 2420845


Youth Crisis Point

09 753 5121


Hotline for Kids in Trouble

(+31) 06-0432

New Zealand

Kidsline (under 14)

0800 543754

New Zealand

Youthline (14-25 yr old)

0800 376633

Northern Ireland


0800 1111


Tu LΓ­nea 147

check your phone book

South Africa

Childline South Africa

08000 55555

United Kingdom


0800 1111

United States

Girls & Boys Town National Hotline


United States



United States

Suicide Prevention Hotline


Answers About Children in Crisis questions

A Grumpy Old Elf answers your questions about Children's Hotlines:

Who can I call for help?

I may be a grumpy elf, but I know who you can call for help! There's a list of phone numbers on this page. Call the friends at these numbers if you are sad. I promise they won't be grumpy like me!

Help, I am being bullied. What do I do?

I'm glad you told me you're being bullied! Remember it's not your fault. Nobody deserves to be bullied. You need to tell someone you trust, like a parent or teacher, about this. You can also call a friend at one of the numbers on this page. They really can help you!

When should I call a helpline?

Well, I hope nothing bad ever happens to you (because then I would be a SAD and grumpy elf!). There are many times you should call for help. Here are some:
  • if you are being bullied
  • if you don't eat enough
  • if you eat too much
  • if you know someone who is dying
  • if you know someone who is really sick or has a bad disease (like cancer)
  • if you feel like running away
  • if someone is hitting you or hurting you
  • if someone is touching you where they shouldn't
  • if something is making you sad or upsetting you

Really, if anything is making you really sad, I want you to call these friends for help RIGHT NOW! (That would make this grumpy elf HAPPY!)

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