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Play Some
Christmas Games
of YuleSearch!

HO!! Ho!! ho!!
The reindeer and elves love playing
Christmas games!

The elves had a lot of fun making these YuleSearch games for you!  (They thought YuleSearch was a funny name too *wink*).

Directions:  Click on a Christmas puzzle below to open the game.  Some puzzles are printable.  All the words listed on the page will be found in the puzzle, going either up & down, side to side, diagonally or even backwards (elves are sneaky)!

In some puzzles, the words in the list are joined by an underscore (_).  These words appear together as one word in the puzzle.

Letters left over in the puzzle solve a secret message from Santa!

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Get a reminder to come back to closer to Christmas! Come on Christmas Eve Day to watch Santa & his reindeer LIVE on the Santa Snooper! You can also help "Elf Control" track & talk to Santa Claus on his famous flight & send him emails!