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North Pole Pictures
Santa's Village

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The elves hope you like these
merry Christmas images
of the North Pole!

(They took them with their own little cameras!)

Experience the magic of Christmas at Santa's Village in the North Pole through exclusive photos! The elves have been busy taking amazing pictures of Santa Claus' house and Santa's Village at the North Pole with their little cameras. Now, they've put the images together into some very special Christmas photo albums for you!

North Pole Images & Photographs by Santa's elves

Answers About Santa's Village Pictures, Photos and Images

A Grumpy Old Elf answers your questions about photos, pictures and images of Santa's North Pole Village:

  • Where can I find photos of Santa's Village?
    You can find photos of Santa's Village right here on this webpage that features pictures of the North Pole, taken by the elves.
  • Can I take a tour of Santa's North Pole?
    Yes, you can tour Santa's North Pole from the warmth of your own home any time you want! Get a nice big mug of hot cocoa with those fancy imported marshmallows, get comfy and then look at the nice photos above, right here on this webpage. Just dunna be trying to find me Christmas haggis!
  • How can I get a picture of Santa's Village at the North Pole?
    Why, did you think you were going to get pictures of Santa's Village at the SOUTH Pole? Santa's North Pole Village doesn't move around you know! But if you want a present, you can get lots of pictures of Santa's North Pole village right here on this webpage. And no... I am NOT going to move to the South Pole now just so you can get a photo!
  • Can you show me images of the North Pole?
    The Grumpy Elf's dog, Bobby Can I show you images of the North Pole? Now why would I want to do that? You can see many images of Santa's North Pole village right here on this webpage! I don't carry images of Santa's Village around with me after all. I only have room in me wee pocket for a photo of me grumpy pup, Bobby!
  • Are there North Pole pictures Santa?
    Pictures of the North Pole? Of course, there are. But don't expect to see anything exciting when you look at them on this webpage. It's just a bunch of snow and ice and probably some reindeer and elves and snowmen and castles and barns and decorations and presents and...
  • Can I see Santa Claus house photos?
    Oh, you want to see pictures of Santa's house? Well, that's just great. Everyone just cares about the house, like it's some kind of tourist attraction. No one cares about a grumpy elf! If you want pictures, just look up above on this webpage (yup, right over me head because I am grumpy AND short)!
  • I want to see Santa's Village pictures.
    Santa greeting children Santa's village pictures? You want to see photos of Santa's village? Why? So you can gawk at a grumpy elf? And then you'll probably post them on Instagram and make me even grumpier? I don't have time for pictures with every tourist who comes through here. (Oh wait, we don't get that many tourists around here. Santa usually goes to see children where they live!)
  • How can I see images of Santa's village?
    If you want to see images of Santa's village, I find it really helps to open both eyes! That's how you can see! After you open your eyes, then you can look at the photos of Santa's North Pole home up above on this webpage. You might be surprised at what you see (especially if you have both your eyes open)!
  • Can I see pictures of the North Pole where Santa lives?
    Yes, the elves have been busy taking photos of the North Pole where Santa lives right here on this webpage (Pictures of Santa's North Pole - Tour Santa's Village). But why is it I only get a photo of me grumpy face whenever I try to take a picture?

Christmas Photos More to See! (check these out too)

Santa picturesSanta's Magical Christmas Photo Albums:  Links to all the photo albums below.

A Winter Wonderland -- The North PoleNorth Pole:  A Winter Wonderland!  See the North Pole, elf huts and the new elf village!

CLICK HERE to Tour Santa's North Pole CastleSanta's House:  The home of Christmas, it's Santa and Mrs. Claus' house!

Santas WorkshopSanta's Workshop:  The elves' workbenches are all here, complete with elves, lots of toys and present wrapping machines!

CLICK HERE to visit the Reindeer Barn!Reindeer Barn:  See the reindeer barn, Santa's sleighs, polar bears and reindeer of course!

Green ClausGrinchyClaus:  Will he steal Christmas again? (or maybe just a few more of Mrs. Claus' cookies!?)

Santa Claus Christmas ParadesSanta Parades:  Pics of Santa and Mrs. Claus with antique fire trucks, old cars, trains and transport trucks!

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