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Fun Things to Tweet

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Do you like to tweet? So do Santa's elves!
See the fun things you can tweet
with a single click from emailSanta.
Jokes, Christmas Countdown, your Nice rank too!

Tweet How Longto Christmas!

Tweet the months, weeks, days, minutes and, yes, even the seconds left to Christmas 2024 with Santa's Countdown Clock! Seven different tweets you can send with one click!

Tweet If You AreNaughty or Nice!

Take the elves' Naughty or Nice test and then tweet if you are on Santa's Good List or Not So Good List!

Christmas Cards to Tweet!

Create your own Christmas cards to tweet with the help of the Christmas card maker! Pick a message, a special photo and then tweet it. Yes, it's that simple!

Tweet Jokes!New jokes every day

Do you like jingle jokes and candy cane chuckles? Then go to the homepage for a new joke every day of the year. Just click on the twitter icon twitter icon to tweet the joke!

Be A Santa TrackerTweeter!

Track Santa and then tweet where he is and what he's doing. He's always moving around and doing something silly!

Tweet Your Trivia!

Do you like Christmas trivia? Then try a Family Fun Santa Claus Quiz! Tweet your results, you're a Christmas whiz!

There's the fun and easy Christmas trivia questions for kids.  Do you like Christmas TV shows, Movies, Songs and Stories Trivia?  Or perhaps you're part elf and know everything about Christmas? Then the Christmas and Santa Claus History Trivia is just the thing for you to tweet about.

Tweet AboutChristmas Webcams

Ever wonder how Santa always knows whether you've been Naughty or Nice? Well now you can tweet a little Santa secret: his Christmas webcams!

Tweet AboutTweets!(whoa!)

If you really like tweeting, then this will blow your mind more than flying reindeer!  You can even tweet about Santa's tweets to other tweeters at the North Pole!  Now that's something to tweet about!

Tweet AboutKids' Lettersto Santa Claus

These kids' letters to Santa are just too cute NOT to share!

Christmas EveTweet Tracking

Do you like to track Santa Claus Christmas Eve? Well, you can tweet where Santa Claus is for every stop during his famous flight around the globe! Just go to the Santa Snooper!

Red Nose RudolphTweets

Who doesn't love Rudolph the red nose reindeer? Now you can tweet about the Rudolph the red nose reindeer webcam!

Get a reminder to come back to closer to Christmas. Come back on Christmas Eve Day to watch Santa & his reindeer LIVE on the Santa Webcam! You can also help "Elf Control" track & talk to Santa Claus on his famous flight & send him emails on the Santa Snooper!