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Snowman Jokes

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Snowman jokes melt any frown and these funny snowman jokes are no exception!
Frosty The Snowman had to stop reading these silly jokes...
(He almost lost his carrot nose from laughing!)

All About Snowman Jokes by the elves!

Snowman jokes get the elves giggling every time. And now the elves are sharing their 275+ best Snowman Jokes with you! These clean snowman Dad jokes, one-liners and puns are family-friendly Christmas fun for kids and adults of all ages.

Snowman Jokes

Snowman Jokes for Christmas!

There are snowman carrot jokes, Jack Frost and Frosty jokes plus Olaf and Abominable Snowman jokes (The Bumble!) too! In fact, there are more than 225 of the funniest snowman jokes and almost 50 snowman cartoon jokes (the largest collections of both on the Internet!) to keep children laughing, adults smiling and teachers happy!

And if you need more Christmas chuckles after reading these funny snowman riddles and jokes, then check out these kid-friendly Elf Jokes, Christmas Jokes, Reindeer Jokes and more!

Snowman Jokes Clean Fun For Everyone!

What do you give a snowman who hurt his ankle?

a snowman joke about doctors and chills

See the doctor when you have the CHILLS!

What should you do next for a snowman who hurt his ankle?
You should ICE it!

Why did Frosty the Snowman go to the doctor?
Because he had the CHILLS!

What did Olaf take when he was not feeling well?
A chill pill!

What falls but never hurts itself?

What is worse than Rudolph with a runny nose?
Frosty with a hot flash!

a snowblind snowman and his dog

A Snowblind Snowman!

What happened after Santa caught the sniffles from Frosty the Snowman?
He caught a COLD!

Why did the snowman need a seeing-eye dog?
Because he was SNOW blind!

What are snowgirls made from?
Sugar and ICE and all things nice!

What are snowboys made from?
Snips and snails and WINTER SNOW HAILS!

What kind of weather does Santa's Grumpy Elf like best?
The FROSTY kind!

What kind of storm is Frosty the Snowman's fav?
An ICE-storm!

a snowman cartoon about rainbows at the North Pole

There's nothing like a SNOWbow!

What do they call it when everything starts to shake at The North Pole!?
An Earth-FLAKE!

What is the best thing about REINstorms at the North Pole?
The SNOWbows afterwards!

What is snowmen's fav part of the North Pole Weather News?
The WindCHILL Report!

What happened when Frosty stayed up too late one night?
He FLAKED out the next day!

a snowman watching TV

CHILLing by the TV

What old TV show was Frosty the Snowman's fav?
FROST In Space

What other old TV show did Frosty the Snowman like?
Miami ICE

What TV game show does Frosty the Snowman like to watch?
The ICE is Right!

Frosty Jokes Family Fun For Everyone!

Why was Frosty upset with the paint job Clumsy the Elf did?
Because it FLAKED off right away!

What happened to Olaf when he first saw the Bumble?
He got a FROZEN look on his face!

Why did Mouse the Littlest Elf do so well playing a snowman in the Christmas Pageant?
Because she knew her lines COLD!

Why did Olaf like the new store?
Because their prices were FROZEN!

a snowman joke about Clumsy the Elf

Clumsy's First Snowman

Why was Clumsy the Elf not very good at making snowpeople?
Because it was his FROST time!

Why don't snowpeople work in Santa's Workshop ?
Because the work really SNOWBALLS when they are around!

Why aren't there as many snowpeople at the North Pole as there used to be?
Because Santa had to put a FREEZE on hiring!

Why do snowmen not make good politicians?
Because they are always into the SLUSH fund

Why should you never vote for a snowmen politician?
Because they will SNOW you with their promises!

How do snowpeople greet a Roman Emperor?
All HAIL Caesar!

Why did the naughty snowman end up on the Naughty List?
Because he was a FROST cause!

What is Olaf's fav section of the grocery store?
The FROZEN food aisle!

What is Olaf's fav thing for supper?
A FROZEN dinner

a snowman joke about baseball

Baseball with snowballs?

Why does Olaf like to eat ice so much?
Because it is FROZEN!

What happened to Olaf when he played baseball?
He got out at FROST base!

Did you hear the snowmen are remaking a James Bond movie?
It is going to be called SNOWFall

Why did Olaf get up extra early on Black Friday?
He wanted to be FROST in line at the store!

How did Olaf reply when Frosty asked him if the Bumble had texted back?
Olaf said "Not YETI"

Funny Snowman Jokes!(from Santa's elves)

a melting Elton John

Meltin' John!

Who is the famous snowman that only plays piano in the spring?

Who is the most famous snowman rapper?
Ice Cube!

What was the name of the snowboy who refused to grow up?

Elsa likes to sing "Let It Go". What does Olaf like to sing?
๐ŸŽต Let It SNOW, Let It SNOW! ๐ŸŽต

Who is the most famous snowman artist in history?

Robbie Burns as a snowman

It's Robbie BRRRns!

Who is Frosty's fav Scottish poet?
Robbie BRRR-ns

How did Olaf scare Frosty the Snowman?
He pointed a hair dryer at him!

What did Olaf say to his girlfriend?
There is SNOW-body like you!

What is Olaf's girlfriend's name?

Why did CRYSTAL like Olaf?
Because he was so SLEET and tidy

a joke about a flaky snowman

A Flaky Snowman!

How did Olaf's Mother-in-Law greet him the first time?
She gave him a FROSTY reception

Why did Olaf's girlfriend leave him?
Because she thought he was a bit FLAKEY

What did Frosty say to his girlfriend?
I would MELT for you!

What else did Frosty say to his girlfriend?
I love you SNOW much!

What did Frosty's girlfriend think about him?
That there was SNOW man better for her!

Who was Frosty's snowgirlfriend?
SNOW White!

image for love at first sight

Love At Frost Sight!

What is the first thing SNOW White does to her hair every morning?
She uses a SNOW blower on it!

What else does SNOW White do to make her hair so pretty?
She uses a SLUSH brush on it!

Where did Frosty and SNOW White first kiss?
Under the MistleSNOW!

What did Frosty think when he spotted his girlfriend?
That it was love at FROST sight!

Why did Frosty have to leave his snowgirlfriend?
Because her parents would never warm up to him!

a snowman joke about a 'Pop'-sicle

Look! It's POP-sicle!

What did Frosty's girlfriend give him after they broke up?
The cold shoulder!

Who are Frosty's parents?
Mom and Pop-Sicle!

Who is Frosty's fav Aunt?
Aunt Artica!

Tell Me A Snowman Joke!(SNOW one does them better!)

What kind of cake does Frosty like?
The kind with lots of FROSTing!

What else does Frosty like on his cake?
Lots of ICING

a mommy snowwoman holding a baby carrot

I've Got Your Nose!

Do snowpeople get upset if they don't get Christmas presents?
No, they really don't CARROT all

What did the Mommy snowperson say to the little snowperson?
I've got your nose!

Why does Frosty the Snowman have a carrot in his nose?
Because he does not have a refrigerator.

How does Frosty give directions?
He says to "go straight, as the SNOW flies"

a snowman joke about freeze-dried coffee

Nothing like FREEZE-dried coffee!

Where do Frosty and Olaf live?
Just down the SLEET from each other

How do snowmen like their coffee?

What is the Bumble's fav snack?
ICE Krispy squares

What is the Bumble's fav candy?

What is the Bumble's fav breakfast?
ICE Krispies

a snowman joke about eating snowflakes for breakfast

Snowmen like their SNOWFLAKES for breakfast!

What is another thing the Bumble likes for breakfast?
Frosted Flakes

What is something else that Abominable Snowmen like for breakfast?

What is the Bumble's fav seafood?
FLAKED tuna!

What is the Bumble's fav kind of melon?

a joke about a snowman burping

Snowman BRRRps!

What is the Bumble's fav Mexican food?

What happens when the Bumble eats too many BRRR-itos?
He BRRR-ps!

What is the Bumble's fav drink?
A milk-FLAKE

What kind of salad does the Bumble like best?
One with ICEBERG lettuce

a joke about a snowman putting chili peppers on his pizza

Pizza with CHILLY peppers. Yum!

What does the Bumble like to put on his pizza?

What else do snowmen like to put on their pizza?
CHILLY peppers

Why don't snowmen drink hot cocoa?
Because it goes right through them!

What is Olaf's fav drink?
ICE tea!

What is Olaf's fav supper?
FROZEN leftovers!

a snowman joke about frozen drinks

FROZEN drinks are the best!

From whom do snowmen order their drinks?

What do snowmen like to order from BRR-istas?
ICED Coffee and FROZEN drinks

When do snow-chilldren finally come for their dinner?
When their SnowMom says it is COLD!

What do snow-chilldren like best about having a birthday?
The ICE CREAM cake!

What happened when the snow-chilldren ate too much ICE CREAM cake?
They all got a tummy-FLAKE!

What is Olaf's fav Oriental food?
Chinese Fried ICE!

What is Olaf's fav English food?
SLUSHY peas and chips

Frosty the Snowman Jokes! (R U IGLOO'd to the screen yet?)

a snowman joke about a rooster and an igloo


What does Frosty the Snowman's rooster say every morning?

How does Frosty like to start the day?
With his big mug of freshly brewed SNOW!

What does Frosty say after his morning cup of SNOW?
Ok, it is time to get up and SNOW!

a snowman joke about icing sugar

ICING sugar makes everything better for a snowman!

Why didn't Frosty the Snowman like the carrot cake?
Because he thought it tasted like the inside of his nose.

What made the carrot cake taste better?
A little bit of ICING sugar

What made the carrot cake taste worse?
Too much Allsp-ICE!

What kind of cake does Frosty like?
The kind with lots of FROSTing!

What else does Frosty like on his cake?
Lots of ICING

a joke about a snowman and Dracula

Snowman + Vampire = FROSTBITE!

What did Professor FumbleBumble get when he crossed Frosty and a shark?

What did Professor FumbleBumble get when he crossed Frosty with a vampire?

What did The Professor get when he crossed Frosty with a baker?
Frosty the DOUGH-man!

Why did Frosty go to the dentist?
To cure his FROSTBITE

a snowman joke about a wet dog

Look! A SLUSH Puppy!

Why didn't Olaf want to adopt a dog called Frost?
Because everyone knows Frost bites!

What did Olaf call his dog?
A SLUSH puppy

What did Frosty call his cow?

What did Olaf have to do when his slush puppy was naughty?
He had to sCOLD him!

a snowman joke about rattlesnakes

Watch Out For Rattle-FLAKES!

Who had their tails cut off by Frosty's wife?
The Three Blind ICE

What kind of pet is best for snowpeople?
A chin-CHILL-a

What animal scares snowmen?

Snowman Christmas Jokes! (It's SNOW Joke!)

What does Frosty eat for lunch?

What kind of mug does Frosty the Snowman use for lunch?

a snowman joke about picking his nose

How Does A Snowman Pick His Nose?

What does Frosty like to put on his ICEBERGers?
CHILLY sauce!

Why do you always find snowmen in the carrots section of the grocery store?
Because they like to pick their nose!

What did Olaf say to Frosty?
Have an ICE day!

What did Frosty say to Olaf?
ICE to meet you too!

What do you call Olaf in August?
A puddle!

a joke about a snowman watching TV

CHILLING out after Christmas

What does the Bumble wear on his head?

What does Frosty the Snowman do after Christmas?
CHILL out!

What did Frosty hang over his snowbabies' cribs?

What do parents call their snowbabies?
Their CHILL-dren!

What do snow-chilldren say about ice?
It's SKID stuff!

a snowman joke about having a meltdown

Don't Have A MELTdown!

What are the snow-chilldren's fav letters?
I C!

What happened when the snow-chilldren heard they had more homework?
They had a MELTdown!

What do the snow-chilldren think of homework?
They think it is SNOW fun!

What do snow-chilldren write their homework on?
SLEETs of paper

What did the snow-chilldren do when school was cancelled?
They went outside and had SNOW much fun!

Snowman Cartoon Jokes! (ICY more coming! ๐Ÿคฃ)

a joke about playing I Spy


What is a fav plaything of snow-chilldren?

What is the snow-chilldren's fav game?
ICE Spy!

How do snow-chilldren know they are getting closer to finding something?
Their Dad will joke "You're getting COLDER!"

How do snow-chilldren mark out playing fields for sports?
With SNO-cones and ICE CREAM cones!

What do snow-chilldren do at Halloween?
They go Trick-or-SLEETing

a snowman joke about children wearing snowshoes


What kind of necklaces do snow-chilldren wear at Halloween?
Ones that are SNOW-in-the-dark!

What do snow-chilldren wear on their feet?

What do snow-chilldren wear on their feet when it is slushy?

What is it like in the Frosty household every morning?
It is a FLURRY of activity

How did Frosty finally convince the chilldren to behave?
He promised them a SLEET treat each

Did you hear that Professor FumbleBumble created a new dish when he crossed the Abominable Snowman with pasta?
He's calling it spag-YETI!

a joke about a snowman and a polar bear

A Brrr Grrr?

What happened when Professor FumbleBumble crossed a snowman and a brick?
He ended up with a BRRR-ick!

What did Professor FumbleBumble get when he crossed Frosty with a polar bear at lunch time?
He got a BRRR - grrr!

Why did Frosty the Snowman put his Dad in the freezer?
Because he wanted a FREEZIE-pop

What did Frosty the Snowman say to Olaf?
Do you smell carrots too?

How do snowpeople greet each other in December?
Have a COOL Christmas!

What happened when Frosty hit Olaf with a snowball?
It knocked him out cold!

a snowman joke about doing handstands

What happens when snowmen do handstands?

What do the elves sing at the Bumble's birthday party?
FREEZE a jolly good fellow!

What happens when Olaf does a handstand?
The ice rushes to his head!

What did Frosty say when he saw a pig fly in a snowstorm?
Well if that does not take the FLAKE!

How can you tell if there was a snow man in your bed?
Because you wake up wet!

More Snow Man Jokes!(SNOW one does puns better!)

What is another name for an old snow man?

What is another 'nother name for an old snow man?

What did Frosty the snow man say after the first snowfall of the year?
It is SNOW good to be back!

a snowman joke about mowing the lawn

Time to SNOW the lawn!

What did Frosty the snow man say after the second snowfall of the year?
Looks like it is time to SNOW the lawn already!

What did Olaf say after the first snowfall of the year?
Here we SNOW again!

What is the best thing to make a snowperson from?

How could Olaf tell that Jack Frost was angry with him?
Because Jack Frost was giving him an ICY stare!

How could Olaf tell Jack Frost was still angry with him?
Because Jack Frost was still giving him an ICE COLD stare!

How could Jack Frost tell that Frosty was in a fight?
Because he had ๐ŸŽต two black eyes! (And a button nose) ๐ŸŽต

a joke about snowmen and cowboys

Snowmen don't make good cowboys

How did Jack Frost's pet do in the dog show?
He won best in SNOW!

Why do snowmen not make good cowboys?
Because they are always getting a BRRR under their saddle!

What kind of animals do snowmen ride?

How does Frosty the snow man get around?
by ICE-icle!

Why do you never see snowpeople in the Olympics?
Because they play sports at a GLACIER's pace

What do you call Frosty the snow man on roller blades?
A SNOWmobile!

What did the elves call the Bumble when he had a "six-pack"?
The ABDOMINAL Snowman!

a snowman Star Wars joke

It's Anakin Snow-walker!

Why did Frosty want the reindeer to pull him?
He wanted to go SNOW-surfing!

Why did Anakin Snowwalker go to the Dark Side?
Because there was more shade there!

What kind of movies do snowpeople like best?
CHILLER Thrillers!

What is Frosty the snow man's fav month?

a snowman joke about ice rinks

โ€ฆwants to be an ice rink when he grows up!

What do you call an older snowlady?

What did the snowman puddle want to be when he grew up?
An ICE rink

Why do snowmen like to watch hockey?
Because they like to cheer whenever someone ICES the puck

How can you tell snowmen from snowwomen?
The snowwoman is the one wearing COLD cream at night!

a snowman joke about no man being an island

SNOW Man's An Island!

Why do you never see a snowman in the middle of a lake?
Because SNOW man's an island!

What does Frosty call a bunch of islands in the ocean?
An archipela-SNOW

If people send Tweets, what do snowpeople send?

What ball never bounces?
A SNOWball!

What do you call a snowman who lies?
A snow-FAKE!

More Snowman Riddles and Jokes and Puns...!

a snowman joke about the internet

Facetiming over the WINTERnet!

How do snowpeople FaceTime each other?
Over the WINTERnet

What happens when a snowperson dies?
They become a SNOW angel!

Did you hear there is a new Star Trek coming out?
They are going where SNOW man has gone before!

How did Jack Frost cross the river?
In his SNOW-boat

a joke about No business like show business!

No business like SNOW business!

What did Jack Frost sing when he crossed the river?
๐ŸŽต SNOW, SNOW, SNOW your boat, gently down the stream! ๐ŸŽต

Why did Olaf move to Hollywood?
He wanted to be in SNOW Business

What does Olaf like to say now that he is famous?
There's SNOW business like SNOW business!

What else does Olaf like to say now that he is famous?
That he can have his FLAKE and eat it too!

Why does Olaf want to learn how to skate?
So he can be in the ICE Capades

What happens when the snowman from Frozen reads these funny reindeer jokes?

a joke about snowbanks

Snowmen keep their money in a SNOWbank!

What did Frosty the Snowman say to the carrot that would not leave him alone?
Hey you -- get out of my face!

Where does Frosty keep his money?
In a SNOW bank! (It is COLD cash after all! ๐Ÿคฃ)

How did Olaf make all his money?
That is SNOWbody's business.

Where did Frosty the Snowman go on a hot day?
WATER you talking about? I have SNOW idea? Do you?

What did Clumsy the Elf say to Frosty the Snowman?
You're COOL!

What did Mouse the Littlest Elf say to Frosty the Snowman?
You're CHILL!

a snowman joke about justice

Here Comes The Judge!

What did Santa's Grumpy Elf say to Frosty the Snowman?
You're so COLD!

What is a snowman judge called?
A Just-ICE

What did the police officer say when he saw Frosty the Snowman stealing?

What is a snowman who steals things called?
A BRRR-glar!

How did Santa stop the Grinch from stealing Christmas at the North Pole?
He installed an anti-BRR-glar device

Snowman Dad Jokes (written by "Pop-Sicle"!)

a joke about a chicken crossing the road

A chicken crossing the road

What does Frosty say about snowpeople who do not think before they act?
Fools SLUSH in!

How does a snowman's fav joke begin?
Why did the chicken FROST the road?

What does Olaf like to order at Wendy's?

What does Olaf like to order at McDonald's?

What did Frosty think when he saw the Grinch stealing Christmas?
That he was up to SNOW good!

Why do reptiles make such good snowmen?
Because they are COLD-blooded!

a snowman joke about being tickled

Oh no! Not an ice-TICKLE!

What does Olaf call the first day of each month?
The FROST of the month!

How do you make a snowman laugh?
You give him an ice-TICKLE!

Why could Sherlock Elf not catch the snowman BRRR-glar?
Because the trail was COLD!

What do the reindeer say to the snowman that lives outside the reindeer barn ?
Hay, Neigh, BRRR!

How does Clumsy the Elf start his snowmobile?
In FROST gear!

What did Frosty say to Clumsy the Elf about his snowmobile?
Are you sure you SNOW how to drive that thing?

a joke about snowpeople dancing

Snow much fun at the SnowBall!

What kind of tires do snowmen have on their ice-cycles?
The kind with FROSTED rims!

Where do Frosty and his wife go to dance?

Why did Olaf not go to the SNOWBall?
He had SNOW-one to go with!

Why does Olaf like to visit the dentist?
So he can get his mouth FROZEN!

a joke about a train and an igloo

A Choo-Choo Igloo!

What can bite & nip at your toes... but has no teeth?

Why did the snowman put his house on a train?
Because he wanted a choo-choo IGLOO!

What city do snowpeople like to go to for vacation?
ICEBERG (Just outside Pittsburg! ๐Ÿ˜‰)

Where did Olaf want to go on vacation?
The Gulf of Mexi-SNOW

Where else did Olaf want to go on vacation?
Rio de Janer-SNOW!

a joke about snowpeople on vacation

Snowpeople on vacation

Where did Jack Frost want to go on vacation?
Parad-ICE Island

What did Jack Frost say about going to Florida?
SNOW way I am going!

What do you call a snowman in Hawaii?

a snowman joke about frosted glass

It's FROSTED glass!

Why did Frosty want to go to Hawaii?
He wanted to try SNOW surfing!

What do snowmen like to look through?
FROSTED glass windows

Did you know that snowmen build their homes in a circle?
They call it an IGLOOp!

The elves hope you enjoyed all their funny snowman jokes for Christmas! Check out the links below for more Christmas jokes for kids and adults!

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