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Who is
Santa Claus?

Did you know?
Santa just got married.
He's had elves for only 200 years.
Santa's Grumpy Elf tells all about Santa Claus!

Today's Santa Fun Fact

Santa Claus used to wear many different suits.  Some were green; some were red; some were even black. 

How Old IsSanta ClausToday?

Today, Thursday, July 25, 2024, Santa Claus is 1,753 years, 7 months, 19 days, 16 hours and 51 minutes old!

Who Is Santa Claus?

So who is Santa Claus anyway? Well, Santa has a very long (and interesting) history. Would you like to learn more about Santa's history? Then keep reading!

I'm Santa's Grumpy Elf. I know all about Santa Claus' story and I will tell you all about him.

Nicholas The Early Years

Santa has not always appeared the way we think of him today. The first well-known gift-giver was a true person--St. Nicholas. He lived in Myra (today we know it as Turkey) in about 300 A.D. Born an only child of a wealthy family, he was orphaned at an early age when both parents died of the plague. He grew up in a monastery and at the age of 17 became one of the youngest priests ever.

Becoming Saint Nicholas

Many stories are told of his generosity as he gave his wealth away in the form of gifts to those in need, especially children. Legends tell of him either dropping bags of gold down chimneys or throwing the bags through the windows where they landed in the stockings hung from the fireplace to dry. Some years later Nicholas became a bishop--hence the bishop's hat or miter, long flowing gown, white beard and red cape. After his death he was elevated to sainthood. Eventually the Catholic Church started celebrating Christmas and St. Nicholas became an important part of the season.

Saint Nicholas Reformed

When the Reformation took place, the new Protestants no longer wanted St. Nicholas as their gift-giver. He was too closely tied to the Catholic Church. So, Santa adapted for each country or region. In France he was known as Pere Noel. In England he was Father Christmas (always depicted with sprigs of holly, ivy or mistletoe). Germany knew him as Weihnachtsmann (Christmas man). When the communists took over in Russia and outlawed Christianity, the Russians began to call him Grandfather Frost, who wore blue instead of the traditional red. To the Dutch, he was Sinterklaas (which eventually was mispronounced in America and became Santa Claus). Santa wore every color of the rainbow back then --sometimes even in black. But he always had a long white beard and carried gifts for the children.

A "Nasty" Santa Claus?

The Santa we know today had his beginnings in 1823 with Clement C. Moore's "A Visit from St. Nicholas" in which he described St. Nicholas as "chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf".

Forty years later, Thomas Nast, a political cartoonist, created a different illustration each year of Santa for the cover of Harper's Weekly. His Santa was a plump, jolly old fellow with a white beard and smoking a long stemmed pipe.

Civil War Santa

In 1863, during the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln asked Nast to do an illustration showing Santa with the Union troops. Many historians say this was one of the most demoralizing moments for the Confederate army....seeing Santa side with the North.

In the South, by 1863, the Union had blockaded their ports and very little was able to get through. Southern families explained to their children that even "Santa" could not get through the blockade.

Coca Cola and Santa Claus

Finally, from 1931 to 1964, Haddon Sundblom created a new Santa each Christmas for Coca-Cola ads. These appeared world-wide on the back covers of Post and National Geographic magazines.

This is the Santa we know and love today with a red suit trimmed with white fur, leather boots and belt, long white beard carrying a pack of toys.

More AboutSanta's Age

I'm Santa's Grumpy Elf.  You wanted to know how old Santa Claus is?  Well, if you really must know:

In years, Santa Claus is 1,753 years old!  (That doesn't seem that old for an elf!)

In months, Santa Claus is 21,043 months old!  (Oh my, that is a pretty big number.)

In days, Santa Claus is 640,502 days old!  (Well, the days do fly by when you're having fun!)

In hours, Santa Claus is 15,372,064 hours old!  (OK, OK! That does sound REALLY old!)

In minutes, Santa Claus is 922,323,891 minutes old!  (Now you're just being silly!)

In seconds, Santa Claus is 55,339,433,496 seconds old!  (Well, they do say to make every second count!)

More Answersto your Questions

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