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Christmas Party Games Ideas
for School, Work, or Family Parties!

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Teachers, students, adults, kids,
office or family house parties!
Think of these as Reindeer Games for all to play!

Silly Emails From Santa Activity

Send emails to Santa from this link. You can send letters to Santa from famous people, celebrities, co-workers, aunts and uncles. Anyone really! Make sure to ask for silly things! Print off Santa's reply and then have the children or an adult read it!
(The elves love this game!)

Pass the Gift Game

Wrap a small book or present for each child or adult and give them each one while sitting in a circle.  Read a classic short Christmas story like The Night Before Christmas.  Each time you say a Christmas word (e.g. Christmas, Santa, etc.) , everyone passes their gift to the person next to them.  Continue with the story until it's done. Everyone keeps the gift they ended up!

Fill the Stocking game

Divide into two teams.  For each team you need a medium bowl, serving spoon, Christmas stocking (small to medium sized) and wrapped candy. 
Each student or adult takes a turn spooning up some candy and walking across the room to put the candy in the stocking.  Once every one has had a turn see whose team has the most candy. 
Or, play until a team fills its stocking!

Gift Wrap Relay Race

Wrap empty boxes. Divide into two teams. Put a stack of presents across from teams. One person from each team goes to the pile, gets a gift and unwraps it. Then they go to the back of their line. The next person goes. The first team to unwrap the stack of presents wins!
Or, make them WRAP the present!

Pin The ... - type games

- Pin the nose on Rudolph
- Put the hat on Santa or Frosty
- Stick the bow on the present
All can be done like Pin the tail on the donkey!

Snowball Toss Game

Use white Styrofoam balls to throw into a pail, bucket or open present box.  The person/team that gets the most in wins.

Fill theStocking Game

Provide a few different sized stockings and various sized toys. Encourage the children to fit the toys into the stockings. Have small, medium and large stockings and toys available.

Ring the Bell Game

Using a large piece of heavy duty cardboard, cut a large bell shape from the center. Add ribbons with jingle bells attached to hang from the open middle area. Throw bean bags through the bell to "Ring the Bell". Great for hand-eye coordination and throwing skills!

Christmas Bean Bag Toss game

Decorate a large paper bag or cardboard box with Christmas wrap, ribbons, and pictures of Christmas toys and candy (Santa's bag). Tie ribbons around bean bags to make gifts to toss into Santa’s bag.

Candy Cane Hunt game

Make an assortment of candy cane shapes, decorate, and laminate for durability. Play a game of search and find.

Card Stitching Activity

With old holiday cards, laminate and punch holes around the edges. Tie one end of a piece of yarn to the card and attach a lacing needles to the other end (or wrap the end in tape if you don’t have lacing needles). Let the children practice sewing.

Christmas Concentration game

Cut rectangular "cards" out of red construction paper, then cut slightly smaller rectangles from wrapping paper (two from each kind) and glue to construction paper. Laminate and play Memory/Concentration. You can also use pairs of Christmas stickers or old Christmas cards.

Christmas Feely Box Activity

Make a Feely Box containing Christmas items such as bows, cookie cutters, wrapping paper, non-breakable ornaments, stockings, bells, candles, etc.

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