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Santa Claus'
Naughty or Nice List


Check whether you're on Santa's Good List or Bad List!
Just answer a few quick questions below.
Your ranking will go straight to
Santa's Naughty or Nice List so no fibbing!
(After all, you never know when an elf might be watching!)

And remember, he's making a list... checking it twice!  Gonna find out who's naughty and nice!  He sees you when you're sleeping.  He knows when you're awake.  He knows if you've been bad or good.  So be good for goodness sake!

Santa's Naughty or Nice o Meter!

The Incredible Elf-o-matic Naughty or Nice Determinator

Santa's Nice-O-meter is working overtime to see who is naughty or nice!
Which Santa List are you on? Take the Naughty or Nice Quiz. Then you'll know if you are on the Naughty List or Santa's Nice List!

Are You Naughty or Nice!

(If you have problems, refresh the page by tapping πŸ”„ on your mobile device or hitting F5 on your desktop keyboard. Then carefully TYPE your first name. Do NOT use the pre-filled drop down boxes that some browsers provide. There's a bug.)

Do you play nicely with others?


Do you keep your room clean?


Do you tell the truth, even if you're asked if you were naughty?


What snack are you leaving for Santa this year?



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Santa's List Questions answered by a Grumpy Elf

A Grumpy Old Elf answers your questions about Santa Claus' 2020 Naughty or Nice List:

  • Am I on Santa's Good List 2020?
    Thank you for asking if I am on Santa's Good List for 2020! I may be a grumpy old elf, but I am always on Santa's good list -- well, almost always. Why don't you check to see if you are on Santa's Good List by using The Incredible Elf-o-matic Naughty or Nice Determinator! (Yup, it's that fancy thing just above me on this page.)
  • The Noddy or Nice List?
    I didn't know Noddy had his own list! Noddy the elf is usually so busy making presents he doesn't have time to make nice lists! Mind you, the lists he makes aren't nice, they're awesome! I really liked his list of all the different types of cookies Santa eats!
  • Naughty or Nice Quiz?
    I didn't know there was going to be a quiz?! Ok, if you don't eat all your supper (including those yucky green things that make me a grumpy elf), then that's being naughty. If you help clean up after the reindeer do a boom-boom, then that's being nice. There, did I pass the quiz? That Incredible Elf-o-matic Naughty or Nice Determinator quiz up above was much easier to answer. You should try it. It will tell you if you're on Santa's Naughty or Nice List for 2020 (and then you can print out your 2020 Nice List Certificate to leave for Santa Christmas Eve too!
  • What is Santa's List called?
    Oh yes, you must mean the list Mrs. Claus gives to Santa. It's a list of all the things she's asked Santa to fix but he hasn't yet. Santa calls it his honeydew list. You know, Honey, do this and Honey, do that. With a list as long as that, I'm surprised Santa isn't as grumpy as I am! Or do you mean the other Santa List? The one Sherlock Elf calls the Naughty or Nice List. You can always check where you are on that Santa List right here at
  • How to get on Santa's nice list?
    Hmm, nice question! Well, if you are nice, it's really quite easy to get on Santa's Nice List! You just have to put your name into the the Incredible Elf-o-matic Naughty or Nice Determinator. Then you answer a few questions (of course, if you fib you are definitely going on the Naughty List!) Sherlock Elf quickly checks your answers against his naughty and nice reports. Then you get a reply right away AND a Naughty or Nice Certificate to prove it. How nice is that!
  • Who is on Santa's bad list?
    Sherlock Elf and Santa are always checking Santa's famous list. They even check it twice! People are always going on and off the bad list. So, it wouldn't be fair to say who is on the bad list right now. After all, you wouldn't want everyone to know you're on the Naughty List when you just started being extra good to get on the Good List. And if you're not sure which List you are on, you can always check the Incredible Elf-o-matic Naughty or Nice Determinator right here!
  • Santa list bad or good?
    Hmm, another nice question! I don't know if Santa's list is bad or good. It just kind of sits there. It doesn't clean up its room, but, then again, it doesn't have a room! It never does what it's Dad asks it to do, but, then again, it's just a list so it doesn't have a Dad! (or would that be Father Chistmas?). You could ask Santa's List, but it's just a list of all the children who have been naughty or nice! I peaked and it said that you are on Santa's List for kids who have been... oh, sorry, I have to go! I forgot to check my list of where I'm supposed to be!

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