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Santa Cam 2023!

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See Santa Claus live
on his North Pole web cam!

It's Santa's webcam
He thinks it's the bomb!
Now everyone can watch him

Watch Santa live on his Santa cam? Yes please!

Up at the North Pole Santa Claus is having lots of fun with his reindeer, elves and Mrs. Claus. And you can watch them all on the Santa webcam every day of the year right here!

image for the Santa cam 2023 - watch Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, elves and reindeer live at the North Pole on the Santa webcam

Santa Intros His Santa Webcam

Oh no! Santa's webcam Intro has been grinched!

The elves are very sorry, but this isn't available right now.

We hope you enjoy this Christmas Eve Santa Snooper webcam clip instead.
(And make sure to come back and track Santa Christmas Eve for more videos!)

Santa's Webcam from the North Pole

Comment onThe Santa Cam(Santa's waiting!)

Would you like to leave a message for Santa about his Santa cam videos? You can leave your comments on Santa's blog story about his new webcam and Santa will read them.

You can even read what everyone else had to say about seeing Santa Claus live at the North Pole with Mrs. Claus, the elves and reindeer!

Chat withSanta Claus(Talk to Santa!)

The Santa Cam (a poem!)

It's my new webcam!
I think it's the bomb.
Now everyone can watch me

So why little sugarplums did I do it?

I thought people'd like to see my office...
up at the North Pole.
We have a wild and crazy party time...
Up here after all!

Why it's as crazy as a fruitcake in July!
Sometimes you even see
elves bouncing by!
Jumping Jingle Bells,
they like to play tricks on me
If you tune in,
you will soon see!

I do love my helpers though,
my reindeer helpers too
They love to fly by
and look in my window
To see what it is that I do

But they don't come in
the office of course
They'd get stuck in here
They're as big as a horse!

And all the children when they look at my webcam
Are going to think they're watching one great big party
A Christmas party that is!
Ho Ho Ho

Oh I do hope the children enjoy watching me,
And they don't tell anyone about how many cookies I sneak!

Now where is that button that turns off the sound?
That way I won't get into any more trouble!

Questions About The Santa Cam?Grumpy Answers!

A Grumpy Old Elf answers your questions about the Santa Webcam:

  • Why can't I hear anything on the North Pole Santa cam?
    What, you can't hear anything? Well, check your ears for tinsel or turkey! That's what keeps happening to Clumsy the Elf!Β  But if you still can't hear anything, it might be because Santa had to turn the sound off on the live Santa cam. Us elves are WAY too noisy! We kept cheering whenever someone made the Nice List. Or we'd shout out someone's name when we finished making a present for them. Santa didn't want anyone to know that stuff of course. Yes, the North Pole can be very, VERY noisy. And I won't even mention the time we all ate Rootin' Tootin' magic beans for lunch! Trust me -- you did NOT want to hear that!
  • Why does the Santa Cam screen keep going all weird and black & white and scrolly?
    Ah yes, the fuzzy webcam screen. At the North Pole Santa just calls it the 'Clumsy screen'. Clumsy the Elf keeps tripping over the webcam cords every time he walks by Santa's office. And gGuess what? Clumsy walks by Santa's office camera a lot.
  • When I watch Santa Claus live, what does he keep having on his bum?
    At the North Pole Santa gets lots of silly tricks played on him by the elves. The elves love to put silly signs on Santa's back. When you're watching a Santa Claus live video you might see silly signs like "I Need A Hug", "Elves Rule!" or "Cookie Monster". Oh wait, I think it's Mrs. Claus that keeps putting that sign on him.
  • What is Santa doing right now?
    Well, right now Santa is right here on his webcam. Yes, I'm quite sure that's what Santa is doing right now, having fun with the elves and Mrs. Claus at the North Pole. You can watch them right here too doing all kinds of fun things!
  • Can I see Santa at the North Pole?
    Of course you can see Santa at the North Pole! Right here on the Santa webcam of course. Why? Where did you want to see Santa? Riding around in an itsy bitsy tiny car? Hmm, well, if you watch the Santa cam maybe you could see Santa at the North Pole riding around in an itsy bitsy tiny car.
  • Are there really reindeer and elves and Mrs. Claus on the Santa cam?
    Of course Mrs. Claus, the elves and reindeer are on the Santa live video webcam! The whole North Pole family is here. Who else do you think keeps bringing cookies in for Santa Claus live? Now elves, as you know, are quite shy and very fast around cameras. So they are harder to spot. Santa tricks the elves sometimes by getting his little helpers to come in and play in a bouncy castle or do other silly things. And the reindeer? You'll see lots of video of reindeer poking their heads around the Santa Claus office live camera. Sometimes the elves think it should be called the reindeer webcam. Just watch out for the GrinchyClaus! For real!
  • Is there a reindeer cam?
    Well, there's Dasher and Dancer and... Wait a second. Are you trying to trick me? There's no reindeer called Cam! Sure, there's always reindeer showing up with Santa live on camera. But I don't think I've seen a reindeer Cam. Rudolph? All the time. Cupid's there too. Vixen is a little shy, so not so much. Prancer is always looking for votes to guide Santa's sleigh.Β  So, yes, you can see Prancer and Santa Claus live from the North Pole. But a reindeer Cam? Next thing, you're going to be asking about Santa Cam! (It's Santa CLAUS, btw, NOT Santa CAM!). Great roasting chestnuts!
  • What is a Santa Cam?
    Oh, you just had to go and ask what a Santa Cam is didn't you! Now I'm a really grumpy elf! I told you, it's Santa CLAUS, not Santa CAM! I think I'll have to go watch Santa on his North Pole webcam. Now that's a Santa cam!
  • Santa Watch?
    OfΒ course there's a Santa watch! How else would Santa know how long it is until Christmas after all!Β  He can't spend all his time visiting on his Santa camera. Why do you ask? Do you want to watch the Santa watch here on the Santa watcher we call the Santa webcam? Which watch are you watching then? Now you've just made me grumpy again with a headache from all this watching!

The North Pole Santa CamWhat is it?

Where is Santa now live? At the North Pole checking out the Santa cam!

The elves know lots of kids want to see what Santa is doing right now. So, they installed a special camera in Santa's office. It's a Santa spy cam where you get to see if Santa is being naughty or nice! It's great family fun!

Yes, now you can watch Santa live Christmas Eve or any day of the year! Watch for Mrs. Claus, elves and reindeer on the video camera too.

Christmas Eve you can even watch live footage of Santa in his sleigh delivering presents on his Santa Tracker!

The Grumpy Elf is here to answer your questions about the SantaCam too.

Santa's Webcam! Share Santa with your friends!

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Then see more fun things to Tweet from!

After that, check out what everyone at the North Pole is tweeting & texting to each other. Β (Those elves are so silly!)

And don't forget to follow Santa on Twitter for more fun like the Fab Five emails to Santa and more!

Don't Miss The Christmas Fun! Get Your Reminder!

Every Christmas Eve the elves at track Santa on his fun and famous flight. Actually, you can see what Santa is doing and where he is every day of the year on his Santa webcam and tracker.

So get your merry reminder right away! The elves will send you a safe, funny email closer to Christmas or on Christmas Eve. You choose!