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Santa Claus & North Pole
Twitter Texting Tweets!

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Connect with Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, the elves and reindeer at the North Pole on their private Christmas twitter texting network!  You can watch as everyone at the North Pole texts and twitters to each other.  Its twitter tweets about Christmas treats!

"On Dasher, on Dancer, on thru the snow! Here comes Christmas! Santa texts don't you know! Ho! Ho! Ho!"

North Pole Live Tweets

Santa and Mrs Claus twitter birds

The Grumpy Elf: Santa Tweets Funny? (& turns into a bird?)

A Grumpy Elf answers your questions about "Santa Tweets 2024!"

  • Santa tweets funny?
    Does Santa tweet funny?  Wow, that's a personal question to ask an elf!  Hmm, does Santa Claus tweet funny?  I don't know?  Is there a normal way to tweet?  I guess Santa tweets funny.  His eyes go all squinty.  He moves his glasses around his nose.  He holds his phone REALLY close to his face too.  So yes, I guess Santa tweets kinda funny.  But don't tell him I said that!  Otherwise, HE'LL be the grumpy elf with me.  Oh yes, and sometimes Santa tweets funny things on the Tinsel Tweet network (you can see his funny tweets just up there on this page).
  • Does Santa Claus twitter?
    Does Santa Claus twitter?  Hmm, well I've heard Santa Claus Ho! Ho! Ho!.  I've heard Santa Claus go Wow, these are yummy cookies.  I've even heard him say Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!.  But I've never heard Santa Claus twitter.  You don't think Santa is a bird do you?  Because then Santa Claus would twitter and quack & chirp and cluck!  I guess he wouldn't need a sleigh or reindeer then if he could fly.  But he wouldn't be able to carry a very big toybag either.  If I ever hear Santa Claus twitter though, I'll let you know he's turned into a bird.  Until then, you can read all his silly texting with MrsC, the elves and reindeer.
  • Santa Tweety?
    Ok, ok, enough already with the twitter and tweety birds!  Santa is not a bird!  And he really isn't a tweety bird!  Santa's not even yellow!  Sure, Santa tweets right here on this page all the time.  But that doesn't make him a tweety bird (well, ok, maybe a little).
  • Is there a Santa Tweet app?
    Why do you want a Santa tweet app?  You can watch Santa tweet right here for free!  You don't have to pay anything for Santa tweets.  Santa, MrsC, the elves and reindeer are doing it for free right here on this page!  That makes me grumpy to have to pay for Santa tweets.

Tweet About Santa's Tweets with elves!

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Tweet About Santa Tweeting!

Then see more fun things to Tweet from!

After that, check out what everyone at the North Pole is tweeting & texting to each other.  (Those elves are so silly!)

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Don't Miss The Christmas Fun! Get Your Reminder!

Every Christmas Eve the elves at track Santa on his fun and famous flight. Actually, you can see what Santa is doing and where he is every day of the year on his Santa webcam and tracker.

So get your merry reminder right away! The elves will send you a safe, funny email closer to Christmas or on Christmas Eve. You choose!