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Santa Tracker 2023
Track Santa every day of the year!

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Did someone ask "Where is Santa Claus"?
Β Well, if you really wanted to track Santa ...
you've tracked down the right place!

⏰  14 sleeps to Christmas Eve 2023! ⏰

This webpage tracks what Santa is doing right now. Or you can tap this link to watch the 2022 Christmas Eve Santa Tracker again!

Santa, Mrs. Claus, elves and reindeer are resting and celebrating after the Big Night. But you can stil see what everyone at the North Pole is up to right now!

Scroll thru this page to see some of the fun things that happen here on the 2023 Santa Tracker every day of the year, including Christmas Eve when the Santa Tracker becomes the Santa Snooper!

Here are just some of the things you'll see right here on Christmas Eve!

πŸŽ… Video from Santa's big flight
πŸŽ… Count down to Santa visiting you
πŸŽ… Where was Santa Claus' last stop
πŸŽ… Where is Santa Claus right now
πŸŽ… Where is Santa Claus going next
πŸŽ… Watch the Santa Claus cookie cam
πŸŽ… Read silly Christmas Eve tweets
πŸŽ… Get Live Naughty & Nice Updates
πŸŽ… Post your photos to the cookie cam
πŸŽ… Share your Christmas messages
πŸŽ… Email a last minute letter to Santa
πŸŽ… And more fun things to do Christmas Eve!

But you can also see where Santa is right now, any day of the year! Right here! Just keep checking back on this page to see what Santa is doing right now.

Where was Santa? Santa's Last Stop(Santa tracking!)

Christmas Eve may have just passed, but Santa is still very busy.Β  So what does Santa Claus do after his big Christmas Eve flight?
a sprig of holly

Santa's Last Stop:

Laughing at reindeer jokes

a sprig of holly

Where isSanta now?(Track Santa!)

Right now, Santa Claus is
At The North Pole
(click to watch him live on the Santa webcam!)

Santa Tracker
Latest Update:

10 December 2023
Santa Central Time

So where is Santa Claus right now?Β  Santa Claus just got back to his office at the North Pole!
He is having a quick break for milk and cookies.

(I wonder who made the cookies? Mmm, they sure smell good!)

Santa tracker image showing what Santa is doing right now

Tweet Where Santa Is!

Keep checking this webpage for more Santa Tracker Updates!

Where is Santa Going Next?(Santa tracking!)

There are 14 days to Christmas Eve, so Santa is busy getting everything ready.Β  What is Santa Claus doing next?
a sprig of holly

Santa's Next Stop:

Checking the Naughty or Nice List

a sprig of holly
Christmas Eve, you can see where Santa is going next right here!

How's Santa Doing Right Now? (Trackers and Meters!)

Track Santa's Belly-meter! See how jolly Santa is right now and how well present (and coal!) production is going too.

Tap the link to find out how Santa is doing right now getting ready for Christmas!

Christmas EveSanta Snooper!(Watch Santa Live!)

SPECIAL!Β  Track Santa Christmas Eve on! (The elves call it the Santa Snooper!)

You can be a Santa tracker every day of the year right here! You can also get a reminder to come back to closer to Christmas. Come back every day & Christmas Eve Day to watch Santa & his reindeer LIVE on the Santa Snooper! You can also help "Elf Control" track & talk to Santa Claus on his famous flight & send him emails!

The Grumpy Elf Answers Questions About Santa Tracker

A Grumpy Old Elf answers your questions about tracking Santa Claus:

  • Where is Santa Claus right now in the world?
    Oh sure, make a grumpy elf look for you.Β  You didn't see where Santa was in that photo right above me? Yes, that one -- right there! The one that shows that right now Santa Claus is in his office at the North Pole.Β  I'll bet if you come back to this page in a few minutes he'll be somewhere else, just to make me look silly!Β  See, now you made a grumpy elf even grumpier!
  • Where is Santa Claus on a map now?
    Oh, you are so silly! Santa isn't on a map. He's sitting in a chair in his office having milk & cookies! Β  That was so funny you thought he was standing on a map!Β  Maybe he's sitting on the map? Β Oh, I almost smiled -- I can't do that.Β  See what you almost made me do!
  • I want to find Santa Claus
    Do you mean like Finding Nemo?Β  I'd tell you Santa is in his office at the North Pole, but now I'm wondering if Bruce the Shark has ever been to the North Pole!
  • What is the address for Santa Claus right now?
    Well, let's see.Β  Right now, he's in his office at the North Pole.Β  Mind you, he does move around a lot.Β  But, yes, I think his address is always The North Pole!
  • I want to find Santa Claus.
    Why did you lose him!?!Β  Flying fruitcakes! For a grumpy old elf I sleigh me!Β  Oh, I did it again!Β  I'd tell you Santa is in his office at the North Pole, but now I'm laughing too hard!
  • Where's Santa Claus?
    Ooh! Ooh!Β  Is this like one of those Where's Waldo or Where's Wally games?Β  I might be a grumpy elf but I still like to play games!
  • Where is Father Christmas right now?
    Well right now Father Christmas is next to a... no, he moved.Β  Wait, now he's beside a... moved again!Β  And then he... Ahh!Β  I can't tell you where Father Christmas is right now if he won't stop moving!
  • What about the NORAD Santa Tracker?
    Why doesn't NORAD ever want to track me?Β  Sure there's a real NORAD Santa Tracker for kids, but is there a NORAD Santa Tracker for elves!? Is it because I'm so grumpy!?Β  I'm just glad they don't track Santa EVERY minute of every day of the year!Β  Now THAT could be embarassing!
  • What is Santa doing right now?
    I don't know what Santa is doing right now, but it sure would be weird if he was tracking himself on the Santa Tracker!
  • What about track Santa NASA?
    No, No, No!Β  It's Santa CLAUS!Β  Not Santa NASA!Β  Now you've made me so grumpy I think I'm just going to leave and visit with Santa where he is now, having a quick break for milk and cookies.
  • Which Santa Tracker is the best?
    Santa in sleigh with reindeer According to Santa's elves, the best Santa Trackers are:
    β€’ Google Santa Tracker
    β€’ NORAD Santa Tracker and,
    β€’ emailSanta Santa Tracker.
  • How can I track Santa in my house?
    There are several ways to track Santa from the comfort of your home. The Google and NORAD Santa Trackers and their apps and social accounts are always good. The emailSanta Santa Tracker is another great way to interact with Santa as he travels to your house.

Nice List Updates from the sleigh

The elves send Santa updates right to his sleigh on Christmas Eve!Β  They tell him who is being naughty or nice.Β  Of course Santa checks it twice (sometimes thrice if they're NOT being nice)!

Remember, it's never too late to get on Santa's Nice List!

Last minute reports from the Noddy N. Nice Elf Detective Agency appear right here!

Tweet About The Santa Tracker

Get on Santa's Nice List and share the emailSanta Tracker with family and friends. Β Just tap the Twitter icon below for a special message to tweet.

Santa Tracker Tweet!

Then see more fun things to Tweet from!

After that, check out what everyone at the North Pole is tweeting & texting to each other. Β (Those elves are so silly!)

And don't forget to follow Santa on Twitter for more fun like the Fab Five emails to Santa and more!