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Who Is On
Santa's Naughty List 2020?

"Am I on Santa's Naughty List?"
"Who is on the Naughty List?"
Find the real answers here!

Remember, it's never too late to do something nice
and get off the Christmas Naughty List!

Checking Santa's Naughty List 2020

About Santa's Naughty Liston

Santa with Naughty and Nice List 2020 Sherlock Elf and the scout elves at the Noddy N' Nice Elf Detective Agency don't like to do it, but they sometimes have to send reports to the North Pole for Santa's Naughty List. You can check the latest updates to the Naughty List below. Santa's Naughty List is always changing!

Sherlock Elf also has a list of bad things kids are doing right now.

You can also send a Naughty Report about someone who's being a little bad or misbehaving. Santa will put them on the Naughty List for the moment but keeps checking right up to Christmas Eve. Think of it as a Naughty List warning call for them.

Most importantly, it's never too late to get on Santa's Nice List. Hopefully everyone gets off the bad list before Christmas. Then they can leave out their Naughty or Nice List Certificate for Santa to see!

The Santa Claus Naughty List (The Bad List 2020)

Here are the very latest updates to the Naughty List from Sherlock Elf and the scout elves at the Noddy N' Nice Elf Detective Agency! (You can see their latest Nice reports for Santa's Nice List here or send your own Naughty Report)

Marnie., 3
- Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Naughty Report:
Naughty to mummu

Kody A., 16
- Burlington Ky, United States

Naughty Report:
he fights his peers

Stella D., 15
- Bowling Green, United States

Naughty Report:
was not a nice siter

Jack E., 9
- Nottingham

Naughty Report:
Nasty to his auntie laura

Michael., 3
- Jacksonville, United States

Naughty Report:
he kept saying no

Steven H., 54
- Cape Cod, United States

Naughty Report:
Hes a narcissist
photo of a naughty child
Jamie B., 5
- Macreary, Ireland

Naughty Report:
Being very bold

Mason., 8
- Arlington WA, United States

Naughty Report:
he is because bad and mean to otheers
Natasha R.
- New York City, New York
Rachel T.
- Lennox Head, Australia
Tyler D.
- Claremont, Canada
Maddy N.
- Salt Lake, Utah
Emma B.
- Swadlingcote, UK
Sarah-jane L.
- Goulds, Canada
Mirren W.
- Oakham, UK
Cainey X.
- Cork, Ireland
Chloe B.
- Columbia, Tennessee
Erne R.
- Turriff, UK
Jake R.
- Southampton, UK
Pierre-Louis M.
- Buffalo, New York
Megan O.
- Centerville, Ohio
Stephanie T.
- Launceston, Australia
Isabella S.
- Berwick, Australia
Maddison L.
- Dublin, Ireland
Nurul P.
- Mercersburg, PA
Dariuys G.
- Bannockburn, Australia
Emma A.
- Eastconcord, New York
Dan H.
- Blackburn, UK
Tanisha C.
- Verwood, UK
Andrew Z.
- Albany, New York
Rebecca K.
- Halifax, Canada
Hannah P.
- Denver, Colorado
Elisha C.
- Newbiggin, UK
Marc P.
- Rostrevor, UK
Rodianne M.
- Lacadie, Canada
Tegan D.
- Asheville, NC
Jayden J.
- Glasgow, Scotland
Jordan B.
- East Liverpool, Ohio
Andrew C.
- Canfield, Ohio
Jack J.
- Corby, UK
Taya Y.
- Schrollbach, Germany
Nichole Y.
- Denver, Colorado
Callie T.
- Birmingham, UK
Sophie Q.
- Melbourne, Australia
Jimena U.
- Hull, UK
Emily O.
- Laredo, Texas
Kirsty H.
- Birkenhead, UK
Nina Z.
- Ipswich, Australia

Aiden F., 2
- Florida, United States

Naughty Report:
hitting his sister biting and crying

Chloe L., 11
- Downey, United States

Naughty Report:
Created a mess, doesn't clean up.

Roman T.
- Tacoma, United States

Naughty Report:
He assault me

Riley C., 7
- Lynnwood, United States

Naughty Report:
Riley isn't behaving

Nolan S., 10
- Inman, United States

Naughty Report:
he was not doing what he was told

Valerie V., 9
- Brooklyn, United States

Naughty Report:
Lied, teased sister, didnโ€™t listen

Elanie M., 4
- Brooklyn, United States

Naughty Report:
Cried a lot this week. Did not listen.

Lucy L., 12
- West Vancover, Canada

Naughty Report:
She once threatened her sister with a knife

Anderson F., 5
- Fraser, United States

Naughty Report:
Not listen to parents. Always yelling.

Kayleen W., 6
- United States

Naughty Report:
Sending naughty messages
Maya N., 12
- New York City, United States

Griffin W., 10
- Pheonix, United States

Naughty Report:
threatened his brother with a knife and

June W., 29
- Claresholm, Canada

Naughty Report:
Uses bad language and is grumpy

Danielle B., 17
- Florence, United States

Naughty Report:
very bad girl

June W., 29
- Claresholm, Canada

Naughty Report:
Uses bad language and is grumpy

Lily L., 10
- Wales, United States

Naughty Report:
She is mean to her peers, calls people n

Harrison K.

Jailynn C., 7
- Selden, United States

Naughty Report:

Carleigh W., 12
- Decatur, United States

Naughty Report:
she slapped my butt

Ahmed N., 3
- Derby, United Kingdom

Naughty Report:
Kicking His Parents

Zahra S., 12
- Maputo, Mozambique

Naughty Report:
Is certifiably insane

Colton R., 8
- Delaware, United States

Naughty Report:
Has been naughty all year long!!

Sean O., 11
- Runcorn, United Kingdom

Naughty Report:
Slept in past 11:00 didn't wake up

Bailey H., 3
- Tomahawk, United States

Naughty Report:
Was mean to her sisters and mamaw

Jimbo E., 11
- Seattle, United States

Naughty Report:
Kicking people

Marlin L., 8
- Iowa, United States

Naughty Report:
Not listening to mom
photo of a naughty child
Brian M., 6
- Derby, United Kingdom

Naughty Report:
Was bad to his parents

Cooper S., 5
- Oxford CT, U.S.

Naughty Report:
He is my brother and always punches me

Alex L., 7
- Alberta, Canada

photo of Adrianna
Adrianna R., 11
- Overland Park, United States

Naughty Report:
threatened grandmother

Baylee L., 9
- Shamokin, United States

Naughty Report:
Try to be nicer and spend less time with

Beth B.
- United States

Ethan F., 16
- England, United Kingdom

Naughty Report:
he is annoying and always grumpy

The Whole Of 7aw

Naughty Report:
Being mean to Mr Veal

Charlie., 10
- Bynea, Wales

Naughty Report:
He bullied and threat me.

Alex C., 13
- Burlington Ky, United States

Naughty Report:
he instigates
photo of a naughty child
Jeremy K., 8
- Kirkville, United States

Naughty Report:
Arguing with parents and temper tantrums

Sarah A., 13
- Johannesburg, South Africa

Naughty Report:
Playing on phone during class

Jordan G., 3
- Lynchburg

Naughty Report:
im am 3 years old and i hurt people

Getting On The Naughty List

Here are the Top 10 things on Santa's Naughty List that girls and boys are doing right now. (It changes all the time)

โ€ข They didn't tidy up after themselves
โ€ข They wouldn't eat their veggies
โ€ข They didn't do their chores
โ€ข They wouldn't listen to their teacher
โ€ข They wouldn't brush their teeth
โ€ข They wouldn't share
โ€ข They were mean to their little sister
โ€ข They didn't tell the truth
โ€ข They were selfish
โ€ข They didn't play nice with a friend

If someone is doing any of these or other naughty things, then Sherlock Elf sends a Naughty Report to Santa Claus. (Find out how you can send Santa a Naughty Report too.)

Santa checks each report twice. Then it goes into his Naughty book as a warning call before Christmas.

Send A Naughty Reportto Santa Claus

Sherlock Elf wants your help! Let Sherlock Elf know if you see someone who is being naughty or bad.

Because the elves have to check into all the reports, the elves ask for a small donation. It's what keeps this webpage safe and family-friendy. That means you have to be 18 or over to send a Naughty Report.

Click here to send a ๐Ÿ˜ˆNaughty Report๐Ÿ˜ˆ to Sherlock Elf and Santa Claus (or a ๐Ÿ˜‡Nice Report๐Ÿ˜‡)!

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