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Santa Tracker 2023
Track Santa Christmas Eve!

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Happy Santa Tracking and
Merry Christmas!

(The elves did it so you could see the 2023 Santa Tracker again)
Tap here to track what Santa is doing right now

There's a lot of love & magic in this Christmas Eve page so make sure to use WiFi & not your data!

Santa in sleigh Christmas Eve

Santa Snooper Live Video of Santa's Flight

Watch Santa Claus delivering presents all Christmas Eve right here!
The elves upload more videos every half hour or so.

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Recent Santa SnoopersCheck'em Out!

The Santa Snooper a Poemby Santa Claus

Twas the Night before Christmas
and at the North Pole,
Santa was checking
his Naughty / Nice scroll.
The elves came a running
(as fast as they can).
They had something awesome.
They had a webcam!

"It goes on your sleigh",
they shouted with glee.
"On Christmas Eve,
for the whole world to see!
With a tap of the screen,
so lively and quick,
They'll snoop on old Santa,
on Jolly St. Nick.
And what to their wondering eyes
will appear,
but Santa in sleigh
with gifts and reindeer."

"I'll be munching on cookies
and delivering toys
I'll be checking my emails,
from good girls and boys!"

So check out my Snooper
It's great! It's super!
I think it's the bomb! πŸ’£

Merry Christmas! HHHOL!

Santa Arrives at Your Home

Santa Claus will be arriving at your home in...


Find out EVERYTHING about Santa's Christmas Countdown Clock here.

Christmas Eve Cookie Cam

Santa loves all the yummy food and drink that everyone leaves out for him Christmas Eve (well, except for that one person who always leaves out a smelly sock and the other person who always thinks its Easter).

He thought it would be fun to start taking photos of all the treats he gets around the world.  (Mrs. Claus thinks its because he likes to tell her which ones she should get the recipe.)

He loves them so much he thought he would start sharing photos of them with you.  Yum!

  • photo of treats for Santa
    I'll have to save some of these for Mrs. Claus
  • photo of treats for Santa
    That's a cute little pannetone! With carrots too!
  • photo of treats for Santa
    How thoughtful! A little brown bag of treats to go. I'll save this for later.
  • photo of treats for Santa
    I see a kitty is helping herself to the milk!
  • photo of treats for Santa
    Worms and cookies! How did that little boy know!
  • photo of treats for Santa
    A whole cookie jar full of fresh cookies!
  • photo of treats for Santa
    I think I'll tuck a few of these into my pocket for Mrs. Claus
  • photo of treats for Santa
    Ahh, refreshing!
  • photo of treats for Santa
    Yum! Tropical!

Keep watching Christmas Eve as Santa posts more photos on his "Cookie cam".  (Now that should prove something to anyone who has doubts!)

Nice List Updates from the sleigh

The elves send Santa updates right to his sleigh on Christmas Eve!  They tell him who is being naughty or nice.  Of course Santa checks it twice (sometimes thrice if they're NOT being nice)!

Remember, it's never too late to get on Santa's Nice List!

Check the scroller at the bottom of the page for updates to Santa from the Noddy N. Nice Elf Detective Agency.

Santa Claus Christmas Eve Trackers

This is where Elf Control keeps track of all the important information about Santa's big flight.
There's so much magic in them, we had to put them on their own page!
Click here if you want to see how Santa is doing!


Upload Your Photos to the Cookie Cam

This Christmas Eve, you can upload your photos to show Santa what treats you are leaving out for him!
Check out the photos uploaded so far this year.

  • photo of treats uploaded by users
  • photo of treats uploaded by users
  • photo of treats uploaded by users
  • photo of treats uploaded by users
  • photo of treats uploaded by users
  • photo of treats uploaded by users
  • photo of treats uploaded by users

Tweet About Trackers and Snoopers!

Get on Santa's Nice List by sharing the Santa Tracker with family and friends.  Just tap the Twitter icon below for a special message to tweet.

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Don't Miss The Christmas Fun! Get Your Reminder!

Every Christmas Eve the elves at track Santa on his fun and famous flight. Actually, you can see what Santa is doing and where he is every day of the year on his Santa webcam and tracker.

So get your merry reminder right away! The elves will send you a safe, funny email closer to Christmas or on Christmas Eve. You choose!

  •  Adana R. Hervey Bay, Australia 
  •  Meifeng D. Indianapolis, Indiana 
  •  Kwang-Sun S. Kilmarnock, UK 
  •  Przemek M. Lewisberry, Pennsylvania 
  •  Hibah M. Kailua, Hawaii 
  •  Aubree C. Regina, Canada 
  •  Duuk J. Brooklyn, New York 
  •  Blessing C. Charlotte, North Carolina 
  •  Ares Z. Thirsk, UK 
  •  Raja B. Maple Ridge, Canada 
  •  Zora R. Paterson, New Jersey 
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