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How Is Santa Doing
Right Now?

Check on how Santa
is doing here!

See how Santa is doing every second of his famous flight with these fantastic gauges, meters and trackers the elves built!

Santa Claus Belly-meter and more trackers

Track Santa's Belly-meter right here!  Can you guess what he does when it gets low?

You can also see how jolly Santa is right now on his Jolly-meter.  It drops when he gets a Naughty Report in his sleigh and goes up for a Nice Report! Yes, Santa is stilling getting Naughty and Nice Reports, even on Christmas Eve!

The Magic-meter is very important too. It lets Santa and the elves know how much Christmas Magic there is in the World right now. It has been a very hard year so it's important that Santa keeps the magic up.

The Present Supply tells the elves when Santa needs a Present re-Fill. That's why its changing all the time!

And Santa's Coal Supply? Well, won't talk about that one.

0% Belly-meter 0% Jolly-meter 0% Magic-meter 0% Present Supply 0% Coal Supply

Click here to track Santa Claus!

Tweet About Trackers and Snoopers!

Get on Santa's Nice List by sharing the Santa Tracker with family and friends.  Just tap the Twitter icon below for a special message to tweet.

Santa Tracker Tweet!

Then see more fun things to Tweet from!

And don't forget to follow Santa on Twitter for more fun like the Fab Five emails to Santa and more!

Don't Miss The Christmas Fun! Get Your Reminder!

Every Christmas Eve the elves at track Santa on his fun and famous flight. Actually, you can see what Santa is doing and where he is every day of the year on his Santa webcam and tracker.

So get your merry reminder right away! The elves will send you a safe, funny email closer to Christmas or on Christmas Eve. You choose!

  •  Gwendolen A. Malvern, Pennsylvania 
  •  Juan O. London, England 
  •  Jorja P. Worcester, UK 
  •  Jing T. Dunmow, UK 
  •  Ceci T. Mckinney, Texas 
  •  Thijs F. Manchester, UK 
  •  ElizΓ© R. Francesville, Indiana 
  •  Pauline S. Antrim Town, UK 
  •  Aaryan S. Edinburgh, Scotland 
  •  Espen G. Harare, Zimbabwe 
  •  Lucien M. London, England 
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