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Santa's Magical
Christmas Photo Albums

See Santa, Elves, Reindeer, Parades & More!

The elves have been busy taking some amazing pictures with their little cameras. They've put the photographs together into some very magical Christmas photo albums for Santa Claus and you!

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Santa going down the chimney CLICK HERE for photos of Santa Claus going down the chimney!  Watch Santa do his roof stretches and then fly right down the fireplace flue!
A Winter Wonderland -- The North Pole CLICK HERE to see wonderful winter images from the North Pole!  A Winter Wonderland!  See the North Pole, elf huts and the new elf village!
CLICK HERE to Tour Santa's North Pole Castle CLICK HERE to visit Santa Claus' North Pole Christmas House!  The home of Christmas, it's Santa and Mrs. Claus' house!
Santas Workshop CLICK HERE for photos from Santa's Workshop!  The elves' workbenches are all here, complete with elves, lots of toys and present wrapping machines!
CLICK HERE to visit the Reindeer Barn! CLICK HERE for a tour of the Reindeer Barn!  See the reindeer barn, Santa's sleighs, polar bears and reindeer of course!
Green Claus CLICK HERE to see our Mean, Green Friend!  Will he steal Christmas again?  (or maybe just a few more of Mrs. Claus' cookies!?) 
Santa Claus Christmas Parades CLICK HERE for Santa Claus Christmas parade photographs!   Pics of Santa and Mrs. Claus with antique fire trucks, old cars, trains and transport trucks!
How Santa spends his holidays on vacation CLICK HERE to see Santa on vacation!  Pictures of Santa Claus fishing, boating, paddling, swimming, relaxing and more on his holidays!

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