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Christmas Cursor Trailer 2 reindeer graphicsanta in sleigh graphic
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This is the "reindeer and Santa in his sleigh" that you see chasing the cursor on a number of pages here at  The link above will take you to a page at where you can download the code, graphics and read the instructions.  They also have other Christmas stuff, like the "snowing page" that you see here!  

-- Oops! The website is no longer active!'s Christmas Count Down Clock
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Click on the link above or here to open a .txt file that contains the EmailSanta Christmas Countdown Clock code and instructions.  IMPORTANT:  You cannot copy & paste the code directly into an html page as your html editor will likely garble the code.  Windows users should open Notepad (Click on Start/Programs/Accessories/Notepad) and paste the code into it first and then follow the instructions in the .txt file for pasting the code into their html editor.

If you just want to access the page more easily, it is best to simply put a link to the EmailSanta countdown page on your desktop. To do this, if you are using Internet Explorer, just go to the Count Down to Christmas page and click on File, Send and Shortcut to Desktop. That will place an icon on your desktop that you can click on any time to see how long until Christmas!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Always be VERY careful when installing games, screensavers or other software onto your computer.  They can have bad things in them!  Make sure you install detection software like the following onto your computer and run them regularly to keep your computer running safely:

BillP Studio's WinPatrol:

LavaSoft's Ad-Aware:

Safer-Networking's Spybot - Search & Destroy:

McAfee's WebAdvisor:

ChristmasScreen Savers

The following software was created by elves other than those at EmailSanta.  These are all free to try but some may require a registration fee to function fully.  Make sure to read the note about computer safety above (Screensavers are notorious for installing spyware!).

A Christmas Tree Screensaver (700KB)
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP - Screen Shot

Customize an animated holiday screensaver with Christmas carols, falling snow, a Christmas tree, ornaments, presents and more. Wide range of choices for countless variations and combinations. Free upgrades for registered owners.

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Get a reminder to come back to closer to Christmas! Come on Christmas Eve Day to watch Santa & his reindeer LIVE on the Santa Snooper! You can also help "Elf Control" track & talk to Santa Claus on his famous flight & send him emails!