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Rudolph's Reindeer Games


HO!! Ho!! ho!!  Rudolph created some funny little reindeer games for you to play!!   Just click on a button and you'll go to a new page!! 

(Please be patient there though because it may take several minutes for Rudolph & the gang to do their warm-ups before they can start playing!!  If you have troubles, see the HELP .)

Motion Games

Flash Games

Click on me to go to the Motion games!   Click on me to go to the Flash games!

Hint: After the words stop,
move your mouse over them!

(Requires Liquid Motion, which comes with Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Netscape users click here for info.)


Hint: After the words stop, 
click on the buttons!

(Requires Macromedia Flash Player plug-in)

Ooooh!  I just love cheering at the reindeer games!

Netscape Users: You may be asked if you wish to install "Liquid Motion Accelerator".  The "Reindeer Games" work best with this Java program installed.  The Liquid Motion Accelerator is free Microsoft software that only has to be downloaded once and downloads quickly.  Santa's also pretty certain that its safe. (Otherwise no presents for Mr. Gates this year!)

Some Netscape Users have reported that the reindeer still won't "come out to play" & Santa is checking into this.  If this happens to you, please read the HELP, visit the reindeer again later or use Microsoft Explorer 4 or 5 to see them.

I wonder when they'll include Reindeer Games in the Olympics?

!! HELP !!

If Rudolph and the other reindeer don't come out to play, it may be that your browser doesn't support Java.  You must use one of the following browsers or you won't be able to see the Reindeer Games Liquid Motion animation:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0, 4.0
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0
  • Netscape Navigator 4.0, 3.0
  • AOL and Unix browsers
  • Any browser that runs Java

NOTE:  WebTV does not support Java.

Also, the elves have noticed that AOL users seem to have a lot of difficulty downloading the game.  Unfortunately, there isn't anything the elves can do about this.  However, we hope if you have AOL that you'll enjoy the other great things to do at EmailSanta!

 I wish those reindeer would quite limbo dancing under me... their antlers tickle!