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Send Christmas Wishes To The North Pole!
Free Letter from ★ Santa Claus ★
Pet Letters to Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Read Santa Claus' Christmas Blog!
Santa Claus' Christmas Blog

Christmas Songs, Carols, Lyrics, Music Videos and Downloads!
Christmas Songs - Lyrics for "Adam Lay Ybounden"
Christmas Songs - Lyrics for "Away In A Manger"
Christmas Songs - Lyrics for "Deck The Halls"
Christmas Songs - Lyrics for "Do You Hear What I Hear"
Christmas Songs - Lyrics for "Hark the Herald Angels Sing"
Christmas Songs - Lyrics for "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear"
Christmas Songs - Lyrics for "Jingle Bells"
Christmas Songs - Lyrics for "O Come All Ye Faithful"
Christmas Songs - Lyrics for "O Holy Night"
Christmas Songs - Lyrics for "Silent Night"
Christmas Songs - Lyrics for "The Christmas Song"
Christmas Songs and Carols, Music Downloads and Holiday Lyrics

See The Great Pictures In Santa's Photo Album!
Santa Claus Pictures & Photos
The Santa Claus Picture Photo Album - Christmas Parade Pictures
The Santa Claus Picture Photo Album - GrinchyClaus!
The Santa Claus Picture Photo Album - North Pole
The Santa Claus Picture Photo Album - Reindeer Barn Photos
The Santa Claus Picture Photo Album - Santa Going Down Chimney
The Santa Claus Picture Photo Album - Santa's North Pole Toy Workshop
The Santa Claus Picture Photo Album - The Santa Claus House
The Santa Claus Picture Photo Album - Vacation Pictures

A Toybag Full Of Other Great Things At EmailSanta.com!
Check Santa's Naughty or Nice List
Children's Help Lines : People You Can Talk To
Christmas Webcams Around the World
Download Christmas Software & Screensavers
North Pole Christmas Poll : Vote for which reindeer will guide Santa's sleigh Christmas Eve
Personalized Christmas Photo Cards
Personally autographed photo of Santa Claus
Rudolph Video Live from the Nose Cam!
Santa Claus' Christmas Advent Calendar
Santa's Email Reminder to Visit Next Christmas
Santa's ★ Official ★ Count Down To Christmas Clock
Where is Santa Claus? Use EmailSanta's Tracker to Track Santa!

Play Rudolph's Reindeer Games!
Christmas & Reindeer Games to Play!

Laugh & Cry At Some Of Santa Claus' Favourite Emails
Read Christmas Letters to Santa Claus as Kids Write and Send Them to the North Pole!

Laugh At Silly Elf Jokes!
Christmas Jokes for Kids
Elf Jokes for Kids
Frosty the Snowman Jokes for Kids
Reindeer Jokes for Kids
Santa Claus Jokes for Kids
Silly Christmas Jokes for Kids

Play A Christmas Game Of YuleSearch (Word Find)
Christmas Cooking in Mrs. Claus' Kitchen Word Find Game
Christmas Music, Stories, Movies and TV Specials Word Find Game
Christmas Nativity Word Find Game
Christmas Word Find Game
Here Comes Santa Claus Word Find Game
Merry Christmas in World Languages Word Find Game
Merry Christmas in World Languages Word Find Game II
Play A Christmas Word Game of YuleSearch
Santa Claus Names Around The World Word Find Game
Santa Claus Names Around The World Word Find Game II
Santa's Reindeer Christmas Word Find Game

Make Your Christmas Colourful With These Pages To Color!
Christmas Coloring Pages, Crafts & Activities
EmailSanta's Colouring Pages! (a sleigh with presents)
EmailSanta's Colouring Pages! (baby Rudolph)
EmailSanta's Colouring Pages! (Boy hanging his stocking)
EmailSanta's Colouring Pages! (Christmas bells and holly)
EmailSanta's Colouring Pages! (Christmas bells)
EmailSanta's Colouring Pages! (Christmas stocking)
EmailSanta's Colouring Pages! (Christmas tree)
EmailSanta's Colouring Pages! (Email Santa logo)
EmailSanta's Colouring Pages! (Frosty the snowman)
EmailSanta's Colouring Pages! (Santa and a family)
EmailSanta's Colouring Pages! (Santa and toys)
EmailSanta's Colouring Pages! (Santa and wreath)
EmailSanta's Colouring Pages! (Santa at the North Pole)
EmailSanta's Colouring Pages! (Santa carrying toybag)
EmailSanta's Colouring Pages! (Santa Claus)
EmailSanta's Colouring Pages! (Santa with adults)
EmailSanta's Colouring Pages! (Santa's workshop)
EmailSanta's Colouring Pages! (Santa, a family and presents)
EmailSanta's Colouring Pages! (Santa, sleigh and reindeer)
EmailSanta's Colouring Pages! (Teddy bear and presents)
EmailSanta's Colouring Pages! (Toy train)

Play Santa Claus' Christmas Trivia Games!
Christmas and Santa Claus Trivia Game
Christmas Trivia Game for Children and Big Kids
Christmas TV shows, Movie, Music, Songs and Stories Trivia Game
Play Rudolph's Christmas Trivia Quiz Game

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Email Santa Christmas Website Search & Site Map
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EmailSanta WebTV Pages
Send your WebTV Christmas letter to Santa Claus

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