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We love Christmas music of all kinds!  The elves love to sing carols in the Workshop after all.

Click on the songs below to find fun musical facts about the origins of holiday music and words.  The Techno elf even put a "print button" so you can print a clean copy of the words to share.

And because everyone loves Christmas presents, there may even be some musical downloads and videos to enjoy!  (The elves love silly videos and music, but don't worry, all the videos and music are safe for the whole family.)  Merry Christmas!

Christmas Music Videofor November 27, 2015

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Today's Christmas CarolFun Facts!

Silent Night
(Fun Facts!)

In 1816, Josef Mohr, the priest at St. Nicholas Church (great name!) in Oberndorf, Austria wrote a poem called 'Stille Nacht'.  Two years later, on Christmas Eve no less, the church organ stopped working.  In a panic, Mohr asked the church organist, Franz Gruber, if he could play something on his guitar to go with the poem.  They played the new work at that night's service.  By some accounts, the song was lost for a number of years until a visiting musician found it.  Others say the organ repairman heard the song.  Regardless, the song spread by word of mouth throughout Austria and Germany.  The children of a glove-maker became famous singing the song at fairs and festivals.  The Strasser children even sang for the King of Prussia. It was the King's musical director who uncovered the strange story of how a noisy, broken organ led to 'Silent Night'.

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