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"My dog needs a girl dog because he is very lonely."

Katie, 6, San Antonio, Texas

** Merry Christmas!! **

Here are a 'few' more of the wonderful emails sent to EmailSanta by children of all ages from around the world.   Personal information has been removed to protect identities but, otherwise, the emails are largely unedited.  If these don't put you into the Christmas Spirit then nothing will!
Merry Christmas!

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** Merry Christmas!! **

I would like you to get me anything you want but make sure no girl stuff!!
- Conor, 6, Toronto, Ontario

Thank you, Santa. Why do you eat so many cookies? How about trying donuts. 
- Camryn, 3, Utica, New York

I am going to try to remember to wear my undies every day and not go commando to school. 
- Braedon, 8, Werribee, Australia

Sorry about the store bought cookies last year, they will be better this year! 
- Megan, 15, Flushing, Michigan

i am desperate to see my presents so drive safely i hope you get around everyones house in time (especially mine) and that you do not catch a cold if it is snowing.( as you can see i am an incredibly spoilt little brat)
- Lauren, 11, Aberdour, United Kingdom

I wish for my baby brother to have a special life. 
- Christian, 8, Clovis, California

I love you for all the nice things you do for all the children around the world and for taking the skelletin presents away that were on the Nightmare Before Christmas movie. I didn't like them. 
- Zack, 4, Utica, New York

I love a man in uniform. I'll have a little surprise waiting for you. 
- Hermina, 25, Calgary, Alberta

Make sure to bring along extra batteries so Rudolph's nose doesn't run out! 
- Cory, 8, Surrey, British Columbia

** Merry Christmas!! **

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** Merry Christmas!! **

Santa could you possibly come to my home a little early because I can't wait for Christmas. My Mom said it was okay. 
- Jeff, 9, Grapevine, Texas

- Brandon, 12, Boyertown, Pennsylvania

It makes me sad to hear how the other reindeer make fun of Rudolph the red-nosed one.
- Rebecca, 6, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Why don't you ride dinosaurs instead of reindeers? 
- Dominick, 3, Brooklyn, New York

I deliver papers and it is boring, so I can't even imagine delivering to eveyone in the WORLD! 
- Chris, 12, Calgary, Alberta

Mommy says I'm getting to be a big girl. Do you mind if I leave you my pacifier instead of milk and cookies? Merry Christmas Santa!! Stay warm and can I pinch Rudolph's nose? 
- Gail, 1, Perry, Oklahoma

Did your really run over my grandma? 
- MacKenzie, 11, Plainville, Kansas

Even though I may seem a little mean, I'm really a sweet girl. (I get it from my dad) 
- Jackie, 2, Sylva, North Carolina

Hi Santa, Why do you always have a snowball on your hat?

I've seen you in all your movies, I think you did a really great job in the Santa Clause and Miracle on 34th Street (both versions). 

Thanks for last year and please don't forget my cousin. She can't help but be bad.

Don't spill the milk I left for you. My mommy will get mad if you do.

Please bring me toys that my big sister won't like so I can have toys of my own.

I think you're a nice guy but you might want to ease up on the cookies and milk. You may also bring various other toys at your discretion.

I was wondering if that suit is uncomfortable?

** Merry Christmas!! **

** Merry Christmas!! **

Dear Santa, my brother needs a bib and my grandmother needs a new nose.

I have tried to be good Santa, but boys will be boys. You must know that cuz you are a boy.

I've been a very good girl except for a few things, but you don't have to tell my mom about them.

Don't get stuck down the chimney. It's really small, and I know you've been eating cookies all year long.

Thanks Santa for being there every year, even when I didn't deserve you. I even forgive you for the lump of coal I got when I was five (I guess I did diserve it).

hi santa i want all the stuff i wrote on the list.what kind of cookies do u want i can make christmas cookis or cookies that are squchy with frosting love ya!!!!!

Hi santa, Do you have a Really big tree this year too SAnta?? I try to big good for you., I leave coolies and milk for you and somethibng for reinder tooo.

Dear Mrs. Claus, How many cookies does Santa eat every year?

Who brings you pressies?

Dear Santa Claus and Mrs.Claus,I don't need vear meny gifes this year. Give them to my borther.Thank You

** Merry Christmas!! **

Did You Know?
Santa received emails from * 124* different countries last year!

** Merry Christmas!! **

You'll be seeing bunches and bunches of cookies and milk from me, so don't eat too much at the other kids houses. OK!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
- Elizabeth, 11, Savannah, Georgia

I'll try not to eat all the cookies before you get here. 
- Ryan, 1, LaGrange, Indiana

How can a jolly old man like yourself live a cold gloomy place. The North Pole is very cold! I guess you have your reasons. Thanks for reading my letter and Merry Christmas. Santa, do you have a daughter who is my age?
- Alex, 16, Clarksdale, Mississippi

My Dad is typing this for me and he is good....I lost my Mom this year, I been sad and I hope she has a good Christmas in heaven,,, my dad is sad, but he tell me,,,,she is alright, I just miss her, I wish you could bring her to me. Well, my dad tells me, I need to say Good bye,,,,take care and I hope you like cookies and milk. 
- Godfrey, 4, Silver City, New Mexico

My bestest friend wants a car for Christmas. But she's not been that good! But don't tell her that I told you. 
- Nicole, 9, Topeka, Kansas

What kind of light bulb does Rudolph use so I can leave him one.
- Spotty, 9, Medicine Hat, Alberta

It's hard in fifth grade. Maybe you could make Miss Ramsey give us no homework for a long month.
- Lauren, 11, Austin, Texas

** Merry Christmas!! **

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** Merry Christmas!! **

Dear Santa, the kitten must be a boy because Mom says no girl cats.
-Trisha, 7, Saxton, Pennsylvania

Would you like to go on a diet? Call Bally total fitness today for only 10 cookies and $19.95! 
- Mandy, 11, Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Enjoy your milk & cookies. I helped make them! Try not to wake up my grandma, she'll be sleeping in the living room and she can be a grumpy bear!
- Kelsey, 7, Calgary, Alberta

Thank you Santa for what you give to me and stop by heaven and give my grandpa a kiss and hug for me. 
- Cole, 4, Calgary, Alberta

If possible could you please arrange for the deadbeats at the school board office to install our classroom sink. Thanks. 
- Alexandra, 10, Burnaby, British Columbia

I don't know who reads these but all that I want for Christmas is for my friend Meridith to get better. You see Mer is bald and they do not know why and she gets violent migraines.  I love her so much and she is the sweetest person! I just wanted Santa the sprit of Christmas to know that. THANK YOU!!! 
- Lynette, 15, Richmond, Michigan

Dear Santa, world peace would be nice, if you have time!
- Christofer, 23, Skara, Sweden

Dear Santa, I will spray down the fire plase so you do not burn your butt and i will leav you cookes and milk.
- Nick, 5, Oskloosa, Kansas

I hope you have a fun Christmas and Mrs, Santa doesn't get lonely while you are out. I love You.

Nicolas is a bad kid. He should not get any christmas presents.

dear elves, can i have 100 toys?

Car. Car. Car. I really want a car.

Moma says "Thanks! for doing this" We went downtown last Saturday and JUST MISSED you, Santa. We got to the Santa house at 4:05pm and didn't realize you had to go back to the North Pole at 4pm. Hope I get to see you before Christmas! :o)

I have been so good this year, but you know that

Santa I am looking forward to hearing you on our roof.

I am still just a little girl and I am still a little scared to come sit on your lap at the mall, but I hope you will come to my house anyway.

This is my first Christmas. I can't wait to see what the excitement is all about. I'll leave some cookies for you!!

Please Santa, I want my father back, he died last week. My brother back, he died dec, 1995. Grandpa back. Died March, this year. Pray for me and my whole family.   Love, L.

** Merry Christmas!! **

When Santa receives an email (like the one above) at EmailSanta from a troubled child, Santa, where possible, follows up with a second, special, reply to the child and takes other measures, if necessary.

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** Merry Christmas!! **

Dear Santa, I really want some tools and a toolbelt to carry them on just like Daddy has. I want a hammer and a screwdriver so I can help Daddy fix things. I've been a really good girl.! Love, Samantha

Santa, I love you and your the best santa in the world!

Do I have to leave E-cookies under the tree?

I've tried to be as good as I can. Thankk you for everything you do!! :) :) Here is a flower for you! @-----<<--- :)

Mrs. Claus I would like to have Ginger bread made from your kitchen. P.S. Thanks for letting Santa stay out late on Christmas Eve

Santa I have my listening hears on and I have been really listening to my mommy and daddy. We can wait to see you Christmas eve when you come to our house in person!!!!! Jola-Thanks for creating this website!!!!!!!!! Happy Holidays to you!!!!

If Santa is going to bring my puppy, how is he going to get him down the chimney without hurting him . And, if you can bring me a brother or sister, it doesn't matter what they look like, or what color they are, or how old they are, ( just not real old, like 60years old)someone who likes to play scoccor and basketball with me. And if you bring me a baby sister, then she can share my room, and I will take care of her always, I promise. Thanks Santa

** Merry Christmas!! **

Santa hopes you enjoyed these wonderful letters and that they've helped to make your Christmas a little bit merrier!

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HO!! Ho!! ho!!  
Merry Christmas!

** Merry Christmas!! **

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