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"I promise to be good for Grandmamma & Grandpa.  Mamma & Daddy will just have to love me for the little scamp I am."

 Sophie, 8, Birmingham, United Kingdom

** Merry Christmas!! **

Here are a 'few' of the wonderful emails sent to EmailSanta by children of all ages from around the world.   Personal information has been removed to protect identities but, otherwise, the emails are largely unedited.  If these don't put you into the Christmas Spirit then nothing will!
Merry Christmas!

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** Merry Christmas!! **

Mommy asked me what I wanted you to bring me for christmas and I just replied......CHRISTMAS!
- Catherine, 2, Orillia, Ontario

How are you able to get down the chimney and be in so many places throughout the world in just one short night? I need to know because my mom says her Christmas dress is too small from last year and she says there's no time to go and get all the things done in time for Christmas? 
- Elizabeth, 9, Calgary, Alberta

I was pretty bad last year and now I'm back with my family and it's great. I just hope everyone gets what they want this year. Merry Christmas. 
- Jenn, 19, Billings, Montana

I could sure use some ideas about what to get my wife. Has she sent you a list of suggestions?
- Dale, 43, Carrollton, Texas

Do you keep jumper cables in your sled in case Ruldolph's nose goes out? (its gotta go out sometimes!). 
- Jessica, 10, Lodi, California

What I'd really like is for my husband's ex-wife to be banished to the North Pole with no telephone in sight, but I know miracles are out of your jurisdiction. 
- Cierra, 42, Allons, Tennessee

As my brother has been a very, very, very bad boy I would like you to send someone to torture him. Maybe a chunk of coal too. Bring my parents some neat stuff and the bill. 
- Holly, 9, Toledo, Ohio

Please help out the people that cannot have a decent Christmas. Help the homeless find homes, help the starving find food and shelter. Christmas is really about helping others and celebrating the birth of Jesus and being with family and friends. it's not just about toys! 
- Justin, 7, New York, New York

Christmas is my favorite holiday. People are much nicer during the holidays.
- Josh, 10, Olympia, Washington

I heard that Rudolf shoots lasers from his nose to protect the North Pole. Is it true? 
- Stephen, 9, Calgary, Alberta

** Merry Christmas!! **

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** Merry Christmas!! **

- Share, 11, Jackson, Mississippi

Thank you Santa for my presents. Are you really a thousand years old?!
- Kyle, 5, Lethbridge, Alberta

I hope you have a good trip. Dont fall off the roof. Be carefull when your going down the chimney. Make sure the reindeer dont sneak away. 
- Hayden, 6, Cochrane, Alberta

I want to have a job so that I can get paid. 
- Lorena, 6, Alvin, Texas

Thank you for the remote control car last year even though it broke the day after. I know you tried and that's what counts. 
- Alex, 8, Richfield, Utah

Do you think that Dasher could guide the sleigh this year? 
- Kayce, 11, Rogers, Arkansas

Dear Santa, I hope you know I'm going to grease the chimney for you! 
- Barrett, 8, Cochrane, Alberta

** Merry Christmas!! **

Please send a message to my sister in heaven that I love her and wish her a happy Christmas. 
- Michael, 9, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Dear Santa, how can I get a family who have fled from abuse and are now 'in hiding' to believe in you? The children are 7, 9, and 11 (who is autistic). Mom just got back into school as well. She felt she "had to" tell the children because their requests were more than she could go along with. They are now all so sad, and need the comfort and hope of Santa restored in their little hearts again. Any suggestions?
- (personal information withheld by Santa)

I have been a very nice, polite boy. Especially lately!!!! I'll leave some cookies out. 
- Cameron, 4, Brooks, Alberta

Dear Santa, Please bring my mommy a diamond ring, because I don't have enough money to buy one. 
- Gavin, 7, Modesto, California

I love you very much. Please use the front door, we do not have a chimmney. Don't forget my Daddy gave you the key when I was born. 
- Thomas, 5, Staten Island, New York

You are so kewl i mean you are really smart, I bet you got 100 % on every report card. 
- Chad, 12, Calgary, Alberta

I heard that Mrs. Claus looks like Pamela Anderson. Are these rumors true?
- John, 17, Sulphur Rock, United States

Do you know Tim Allen?
- David, 8, Lancaster, Texas

I've been a really good girl. I'm going to have a new baby brother in March, so please watch over him until he gets born. 
- Kennedy, 5, Monroe City, Missouri

Please put diapers on the reindeer this year -- I had to sweep off the roof last year! 
- Marissa, 19, Fort Walton Beach, Florida

I really like the red suit, but when I saw you in the mall the other day, it was lookin a little too small. Maybe you should ease up a little on the milk and cookies.
- Conrad, 9, Calgary, Alberta

** Merry Christmas!! **

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** Merry Christmas!! **

Santa will you break my roof? I hopes not. 
- Matthew, 3, West Seneca, New York

PLEEESE!! Don't bring me any new clothes...well, if you do, get my Mom a bigger washing machine because if I get any more clothes the washing machine will overflow. By the way, don't give Mr. Grinch anything for Christmas. He forgot to wash behind his ears. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
- Kayla, 9, Calgary, Alberta

Please remember the children who are not as fortunate as me. I will leave your snack in the living room on the table by the tree. 
- Hannah, 6, Georgetown, Kentucky

Do you know JESUS is the real reason of Christmas? Not to be mean but he is. 
- Rosanne, 11, Wrens, Georgia

I think that if Santa was someone else we would be sad. 
- Alison, 8, North Kingstown, Rhode Island

I think Christmas is the best time of the year because I can get a present and be with my family. 
- Krista, 9, Gananoque, Ontario

I would also like a book and computer games, and that's all because I want to save stuff for the other kids. 
- Kodi, 4, Everett, Washington

What type of fuel do you use for your sleigh or are your reindeers just hyper? Either way, I hope you won't miss our house. If you are tired of cookies and milk we could leave you some candy and pop. 
- Matt, 11, Greenfield, Ohio

Santa it is okay if we don't get what we want. It is okay but try and do your best.
- Dylan, 6, Squamish, California

I am soooo sorry for being mean to my little brother. I bet you never had to put up with that. I am not saying I don't love him. He just really gets on my nerves sometimes. Well I hope you have a great Christmas, and I hope I am still on your good list. Work hard!!!! 
- Becca, 10, Olive Branch, Mississippi

Does Rudolph have a girl friend? 
- Savannah, 1, Aberdeen, Mississippi

Christmas is a good holiday. It brings people close together and we get out of school. I love the Christmas spirit. 
- Stephanie, 15, Clarksdale, Mississippi

Please bring me my mother's heart with other presents. I love Santa grandfather. 
- Yeonjoo, 6, Koyang, South Korea

** Merry Christmas!! **

When Santa started reading these letters he quickly realized they were just too wonderful to keep all to himself.  Hope you enjoyed them as much as Santa does and that they've helped to make your Christmas a little bit merrier!

ho!! Ho!! HO!!  
Merry Christmas!

** Merry Christmas!! **

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