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Christmas and Santa Claus Trivia Game !


So you think you know the origins of Saint Nicholas and Christmas!?  The difference between O'Hanlon & Hertha?  Nast & Knickerbocker?  Bari & Befana?  Try this Trivia Quiz to see how many questions you answer correctly!

Instructions:  Read the question, click on the answers and then on "Display Score" to see how you did.  If you need help or you want to see the correct answer, click on "Show Answers".  Click on "Play Again" to start a new Quiz.  Quizzes are never the same so you can play as many times as you like!   

1.  Saint Nicholas was revered throughout the Middle Ages and was patron saint of all these groups but one. Which one?

2.  When is Saint Nicholas' Feast Day?

3.  Before turkey was introduced, Europeans traditionally had any of these for Christmas Dinner, except one. Which one?

4.  For which of these events is there no absolute proof that it happened on a Christmas Day?

5.  By what name do most people know the poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas" today?

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