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Christmas Webcams From
Around the World!

Ever wonder how
Santa always knows
whether you've been Naughty or Nice?

Well, the elves don't want to give away any secrets, but here's a few Christmas Webcams from around the World (you can watch for kids being naughty or nice too!).  Now, enjoy some wonderful Christmas spirit from countries around the globe!

NOTE FROM SANTA: Adults should view the webcams first before sharing with children -- just in case the link has been changed to show something that wouldn't make Santa's Nice List.  (Pre-screening links on the Internet is always a good idea!).  Also, you may be required to download special viewing software to see some locations.

Santa Claus'North Pole Webcams

~ LIVE online from the North Pole! ~
~ Watch the Santa Claus webcam live from the North Pole ~
*** The Santa Snooper ***

Plus exclusive video footage of Santa doing his chimney exercises!
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slow (Windows Media format, 200 KB) or 
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Christmas WebcamsAround the Worldby Country

Austria Christmas Webcams

Salzburg  :: Salzburg 
"Silent Night" Chapel  ::  Vienna 

Australia Christmas Webcams

Antarctica Christmas Webcams

PenguinCam1 ::  PenguinCam2 ::  PenguinCam3 ::  PenguinCam4
RSS James Clark Ross Research Vessel & more!

Botswana Christmas Webcams

Canada Christmas Webcams

Banff ::  Banff 
::  Canmore ::  Canmore ::  Charlottetown ::
Jasper :: Niagara Falls  ::  Ottawa
Montreal ::  Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) - Yellowknife 
::  Yukon  ::  Yukon :: 

Croatia Christmas Webcams


Egypt Christmas Webcams

Pyramid Cam

England Christmas Webcams

*** The Father Christmas WebCam ***
Birmingham :: Southport
London  ::  London

Estonia Christmas Webcams


Finland Christmas Webcams


France Christmas Webcams

Paris  :: Paris

Germany Christmas Webcams

haus-zillertal  :: Berlin :: Biberach
:: Hamburg ::  Kempten  ::

Ireland Christmas Webcams


Italy Christmas Webcams


Mexico Christmas Webcams


North Pole Christmas Webcams

*** The Santa Snooper ***

Norway Christmas Webcams

::  Lillehammer  ::

Russia Christmas Webcams

St. Petersburg

South Africa Christmas Webcams


Scotland Christmas Webcams

Edinburgh  ::  Edinburgh
Dysart Santa Cam

Spain Christmas Webcams

Madrid  ::  Murcia

St. Thomas (Virgin Islands) Christmas Webcams

Harbour Cam

Switzerland Christmas Webcams


Tahiti Christmas Webcams


United States Christmas Webcams

:: Blue River, OR :: DisneyWorld, FL  ::
New York City  ::  Omaha, NE  ::  San Antonio, TX 
San Diego Zoo Polar Bears  ::  San Diego Zoo Pandas 
San Diego Zoo Koalas 
Vail,CO  ::  Waikiki 

United Kingdom Christmas Webcams

*** The Father Christmas North Pole WebCam ***

If you have a family-safe Christmas webcam that you'd like added to the list or if one of the links above is broken (it happens quite often!), please let the elves know. Click on the Feedback link at the very top or bottom of the page.

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