The Santa Claus Magic Picture Photo Album

~ Virtual Tour of Santa's North Pole House ~

Pictures of Santa and Frosty

SH01_Santa_morning.jpg (25257 bytes) Good Morning Santa!  We're here for a quick tour.  Mrs. Claus has been busy putting out Christmas knick knacks for stockings!

SH02_Frosty_visits.jpg (13100 bytes) Here's Frosty dropping by for a visit.  Hello, Frosty!

SH03_Frosty_glass.jpg (21863 bytes) Frosted glass Snow Ladies the elves made.  Frosted glass was named after Frosty the snowman -- he did invent it after all!

SH04_Snowman_trinkets.jpg (18747 bytes) Speaking of Frosty, here are some Snowman trinkets.  Mrs. Claus arranges the knick knacks the elves make and puts them up around the house before Christmas.

SH05_Santa_trinkets.jpg (21047 bytes) This is where Mrs. Claus puts all the Santa trinkets.  She gets a real laugh out of all the funny outfits the elves make for Santa.  There's a cowboy Santa and a farmer Santa and a fireman Santa!

Photos inside Santa's House

SH06_UpStairs.jpg (17465 bytes) Up the stairs to another part of the Claus' house.  With all the Christmas lights, it's rather pretty isn't it?!

SH0x_BabyClaus.jpg (44176 bytes) Did you know that Santa and Mrs. Claus had a baby?!  That's right!  Her name is Mackenzie Mouse and she was born on December 31st!

SH07_Santa_tour.jpg (22473 bytes) Here's Santa again, showing us where he keeps the Naughty & Nice list.  That's a pretty big list of good and bad boys and girls!

SH08_Xmas_Village.jpg (21978 bytes) The elves made a little Christmas Village for Santa.

SH09_DownStairs.jpg (23808 bytes) Stairs to another part of Santa's house.  With all the sparkling lights, it looks just like Christmas here!

SH10_Stairs_to_workshop.jpg (20224 bytes) Another part of Santa's home.  Follow these stairs down to Santa's Workshop, where all the elves are busy getting ready for Christmas.


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