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Even holly gets jolly reading "Emails to Santa"!

The "Emails to Santa" are Santa's favourite letters.  They always put him in the Christmas spirit!

***  See you December 1st, 2016 for more "Emails to Santa"!  ***

Santa loves reading all those wonderful letters from kids of all ages from around the world.   They're what make Santa so jolly!  You can read Santa's "favourite letters " too or send an email to Santa !  If you've read those great letters already, then here's your chance to receive a little more of this Christmas magic.

Important!  Because of laws in the U.S., you must be more than 13 years old to sign up for "Emails to Santa".  If you'd really like to sign up, then please ask an adult to sign up instead and you can share the "Emails to Santa" together with them!  Thank You!

I really think you'll enjoy the Emails to Santa!!

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The "Emails to Santa" always get us holly jolly!

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The "Emails to Santa" is absolutely free, of course, and guaranteed to put a smile on your face after a long day of shopping! (*wink*)! 

These emails have been read over the airwaves by DJs from Alaska to Australia to Austria and have appeared in newspapers from the Calgary Sun to the San Diego Union Tribune.  If you know someone else who might enjoy these letters, then share the Christmas spirit by sending them a funny little email !!

Merry Christmas!

Otto the Automated Email Elf's Tips:

Do not send messages to Santa by replying to the daily "Emails to Santa" newsletter.  Santa will not get them.  If you want to send a message to Santa, then the best way is to go to emailSanta.com/email_Santa.asp.  I know he's waiting to hear from you!

Difficulties Subscribing or Not Receiving Newsletter:

Prob:  I sent a subscribe request but keep getting error messages back instead of the "Welcome to Emails To Santa" confirmation email.
Soln:  If you used the links above, then check the "reply to:" address in your email software setup to make sure it is a valid email address and that it is the email address that you want the "Emails to Santa" to be sent to.  Otherwise, Otto cannot subscribe you or will send your newsletter to the wrong email account.  If you still cannot subscribe, send an email to the , including the email address you want to subscribe under and he will subscribe you manually (although it may take a day or two).

Prob:  I'm sure I subscribed successfully but I'm not getting the newsletter, or I'm not getting it anymore.
Soln:  Make sure to configure your spam filters/software to receive emails from the domain "ChristmasSantaClaus.com".  Otherwise, your newsletter will bounce back and Otto will unsubscribe you.  Otto receives quite a number of bounced emails from people who haven't set up their spam software properly.

Problems Unsubscribing:

Prob:  The email address you sent your unsubscribe request from does not match the email address you are subscribed under (the email address you are subscribed under appears in the To: line of the "Emails to Santa" newsletter you received).
Soln:  Please send your unsubscribe request from the email address you subscribed under otherwise Otto doesn't know which email address to delete.

Prob:  The unsubscribe request was sent to the wrong email address at EmailSanta.
Soln:  The other elves can't remove email addresses from Santa's "Emails to Santa".  Please send all unsubscribe requests to [email protected] with the words "unsubscribe EmailsToSanta" (without quotation marks) as the only words in the BODY of the email.  (Clicking the email address link will open your email software with all the info completed to unsubscribe so all you have to do is send it from the same email address the "Emails to Santa" are going to).

Prob:  The words "unsubscribe EmailsToSanta" (without quotation marks) were not in the body of the email so Otto didn't know what you wanted him to do.
Soln:  Please put the words  "unsubscribe EmailsToSanta" (without quotation marks) as the only words in the BODY of your email you send your unsubscribe request to  [email protected] .

If you are still having problems unsubscribing, then send an email to the and include the email address you are subscribed under (this email address appears in the "To:" line of the "Emails to Santa" newsletter you want to stop getting). 


psst...  don't tell anyone but I'm really mistletoe.  I'm just shy about smooching.