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Have a holly jolly Christmas!  

The elves are very sorry you are having trouble sending your letter to Santa. So, we made this special page to help you. It is not quite as fancy. You also have to be extra careful that you put your info in correctly and fill out the full form (your email is optional). We want to make sure Santa gets everything right for Christmas morning after all!

The Elves

Santa's Internet Safety Tip:  Always check with an adult before giving out any information about yourself on the Internet.


Dear Santa Claus,

My first name is

And my email address is . (Optional!  Read Santa's Safety Tip above).

I am a and I am already years old!!

I live in the great city of .

It is in .

Of course, that's in , but I'll bet you knew that!! 

This year I've been so good that .

Here are some things that I might like for Christmas:


P.S. Santa, I almost forgot to add these comments!! 
(e.g.  Words of advice or special instructions for Santa; Why you like Christmas; Your special Christmas wish for the World...)


Santa likes to spread the Christmas spirit by sharing some of the wonderful comments he receives with others.  You can read some of Santa's fav letters here, for example.  Is it okay if Santa shares your comments?

 It's ok to share my comments Santa!
 Please don't share them Santa!


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Santa will reply to you personally!!  Just wait a few seconds and Santa's reply will magically appear (of course, it might take a bit longer if Santa is taking a "cookie break"!!).  Merry Christmas!!

If you are still having problems sending your letter to Santa, then please send Santa's Techno Elf an email.  PLEASE include any error messages!

The elves also keep a list of known problems and solutions on this page.